GARIN MAULS POLICEMAN Cong. Richard, Mayor Oca face assault raps

Cong. Oscar “Richard” Garin Jr. (left) of Iloilo’s 1st District says he is taking full responsibility for his actions on Police Officer 3 Federico Macaya Jr. of the Guimbal, Iloilo police station. Macaya has complained he was punched, kicked, slapped, and spat on the face by the cong


ILOILO City Charges of physical injuries, alarm and scandal, assault to a person in authority, grave coercion, and grave threats would be filed against Cong. Oscar Richard Garin Jr. (1st District, Iloilo) and his father, Mayor Oscar Oca Garin Sr. of Guimbal, Iloilo.

Police Officer 3 Federico Macaya Jr. of the Guimbal police station complained that the congressman mauled him, slapped and spit on his face before dawn yesterday near the town hall while the mayor was training a .45 pistol at him.

Im taking this incident as an affront to me. I will not let this pass without taking action, according to Chief Superintendent John Bulalacao, Western Visayas police director.

The congressman told me he was angry. He punched the policeman because he did not obey them. But the policeman said the victim was the one who refused to file charges because he did not want his parents to know about the incident, said Bulalacao.

According to the police regional director, Congressman Garin apologized to him.

Tumawag sa akin si Congressman Garin to apologize. Sabi ko sa kanya I accept your apology but I cannot commit to you that my men wont file charges against you. Depende sa kanila yun, karapatan nila yun, said Bulalacao.


According to Macaya, investigator of the Guimbalpolice station, around 3:20 a.m. yesterday while he was patrolling the Guimbal plaza, he was summoned by his chief of police, Senior Inspector Antonio Monreal.

Near the male comfort room beside the left wing of the municipal hall, he was disarmed, body-searched, and handcuffed while at gunpoint then struck on the different parts of his body, he complained.

Bulalacao then announced he requested the Department of Interior and Local Government for the cancellation of Mayor Garins deputation over the police and recalled Congressman Garins two police escorts.


The case stemmed from a tussle between two men on Dec. 22 at the public plaza of Guimbal.

Congressman Garin wanted charges to be filed against a Sangguniang Bayan members son, identified as Virgil Gegato, who allegedly threw a bottle of beer against another man, Noel Gicana, but none were filed.