All You Need To Know About Outdoor Blinds

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Outdoor blinds can be operated manually using a special handle or rope, or automatically using a rocker switch or remote control.

By changing the angle of rotation of the blinds strips, you can easily adjust the luminous flux. The width of the strips of outdoor blinds can be from 50 to 90 mm, and the curvature of the lamellas - shapes C, S or Z - depends on how much the closed and lowered blinds darken the room. If you need to darken the room as much as possible, then it is recommended to choose blinds with Z-shaped lamellas. If you want the raised blinds above the window to take up as little space as possible, we recommend choosing the C-shaped Flexi blind. Lamellas of external blinds of this type without bends at the ends - stacking them one on top of the other, they take up to 30% less space. This is especially useful in rooms where there is not enough space above the windows.

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Benefits Of Outdoor Blinds

  • Protect rooms from sunlight and heat;
  • Reduces the cost of air conditioning;
  • Can be controlled manually or automatically;
  • They do not overload the space of the room, since the blinds are mounted outside;
  • Protect not only from the sun, rain, wind, noise, but also help reduce the risk of burglary;
  • Protect indoor items from fading;
  • Provide the ability to adjust the light in the room.

Blinds with C-Shaped Louvers

Exterior blinds with C-shaped louvers are a popular solution for the exterior of individual and commercial buildings. They are available in several design versions: Flexi, Slim and Duo. Blinds with C-shaped louvers are stable even in the wind and serve as a barrier against lightning theft. These types of blinds are suitable for all types of objects.

C shape street blinds

Advantages of C-shaped louvre outdoor blinds

  • The class of wind resistance according to the Beaufort scale, depending on the parameters of the blinds, can reach 7 points;
  • Fastened with aluminum guide strips on the sides or with tensioned steel cables;
  • Lamella widths are possible: 50 mm, 65 mm or 80 mm;
  • Helps to keep warm (by closing the blinds);
  • Suppress noise coming from outside;
  • Can be controlled manually or automatically;
  • One blinds can cover the area of ​​windows up to 24 m²;
  • You can choose the version of the slats Slim or Flexi - this type of slats in the tightened form takes up less space above the window;
  • The DUO system can be selected.
  • DUO system - blinds with the ability to tilt the slats at different angles: at one angle at the top and at the other at the bottom (this is especially useful for conference rooms, large commercial premises).

Blinds with Z-Shaped Louvers

Z-shaped facade blinds are the most technologically advanced type of outdoor blinds. Experts often recommend them for office buildings and private premises. These façade blinds are made of 70 or 90 mm wide Z-shaped lamellas.

These blinds are distinguished by the fact that they provide the opportunity for maximum darkening of the room and work very quietly, because each slat has a rubber strip that reduces noise when lifting or lowering (the slats touch each other not "metal on metal", but "metal on rubber ").