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Restore is used for restoring the data. Review is used for sharing the stored information. Alerts are used for providing the alerts.

Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Prep Materials Microsoft AZ-104 exam has been designed to test the individual’s practical skills as an Azure Administrator. Administrative skills are the most important factor for this certification. Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) is used for storing data. Endpoints are the entries of the directory. Prove that the technical info is correct using the endpoint. Internal Domain Name System (DNS) is used for accessing your AZ-104 Dumps storage. Vnet is used for subnets. ZRS helps to increase the resiliency of storage. Public IP addresses are used for accessing applications. Prospects want to acquire this certificate to gain their market value. Logs are used for storing information. Ease of Access is a feature that helps the users to access the cloud. Control of access is very important for security reasons. Queries are used for querying the stored information.


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