Office Cleaning Checklists May Need Updates

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As people return to work after the coronavirus pandemic work-from-home options, it's time to take a look at your office cleaning checklist. In areas that were hard hit by the pandemic like New York City, office cleaning companies NYC have added many capabilities. Some may be excellent additions to your daily cleaning checklist – the work plan your janitorial service staff follow daily. When you're thorough on your checklist, it can improve the daily service and make sure it covers high-priority areas. You may also want to add or keep sanitizing and disinfecting protocols for many shared touchpoints.


Now that more is understood about coronavirus transmission, we realize that it's primarily spread through the air when an infected person is in the presence of others. It doesn't mean surface disinfection should be abandoned, but it may become less of a priority than initially thought. It also shines a spotlight on your HVAC system and opportunities to improve filtration and keep it operating well. Circulating air can help reduce the likelihood of transmission when groups of people are working more closely together again. Many companies with tight quarters may consider keeping mask protocols.


There is a solid case to be made for outsourcing your office cleaning if you haven't done it already. Trained and well-equipped technicians from professional cleaning services are knowledgeable about disinfecting products and their proper (and safe) use. You could try to train in-house people, but there are continuous updates and advancements. It would mean staying abreast of the information and making sure it was communicated to your people. Commercial cleaning contractors also stay current on implements and equipment, which can be costly. Let them handle cleaning while you focus on your job.


If your company has environmental and sustainability goals, they may have been set aside in some ways during the pandemic., Resuming them now that life is normalizing will also be a priority. Even with disinfecting products, there is a way to find more modern formulas that are easier on the earth. EPA registered products that are safe and effective will keep surfaces at your office adequately sanitized during daily cleaning. Restroom cleaning is always a focus, and it continues to be a priority. Fixtures, dispensers, partitions, countertops, and floors need to be cleaned with the correct disinfectants daily.