A few things you need to know about the Path of Exile Heist

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In the Path of Exile Heist, many players don't know what stolen items are. The stolen property is marked with special symbols, including all the POE Currency you collected during the heist. It also indicates all items that you lost during the heist. When you rob, the symbol will disappear from the item and has been completed.

Information is an important part of it. When you exchange cultural relics looted during looting, you will receive information. Information is essential so that you can plan a major coup. If you want to use the information obtained from a successful heist, you only need to look at the floor plan.

Before a major coup, players need to reveal the floor plan. You can skip the discovery altogether and immediately start hiring the NPCs needed for the coup. However, you may lose a lot. You can find that the more you need or the more you can afford, the more you will capture in a major coup.

On an undiscovered floor plan, you can see what rewards the showroom has prepared, but you don’t know what rewards you will get from the boxes, lockers or side rooms in the process.

If you want to succeed in the heist, you need to collect Signa. You can get these things from regular monsters in the game and artifacts traded in the heist. Signa allows you to pay for the traitors so that they can support you in the heist and reveal the details of the floor plan for a major coup.

Completing the heist will also provide you with intelligence and increase your traitor experience. This experience improves the skills of the traitors, who use it for specific tasks during the heist. For heists and coups, the apostate’s skills must also have a certain level in order to be able to perform their respective tasks.

When planning tasks and floor plans, you can POE Currency Buy to select traitors with the skills required for the job. This means you don’t have to remember who is best for the job.

Using thief’s trinkets will affect the rewards you get from the heist, or affect the traitors’ equipment to improve their skills. However, these things are not critical to your success.

In a regular heist, the most important thing is to get artifacts so that you can exchange them for prizes.