How To Use The Curling Iron For Longer Lasting Curls

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Styling hair has become an important part of the female regime these days. Not just styling but they have also up their game of taking care of their hair by incorporating Argan Oil For Hair and many more such products in their regime. This ensures that the regular styling does not damage the hair.

When it comes to regularly style the hair the options are limited to either blowdrying, straitening, or curling the hair. Out of these curling has been one of the popular choices of regular styling these days.

To up your curling hair game up, here are five secret pro tips on how to use the Best Curling Iron to get the longer-lasting curls.

5 Tips on How to Use The Best Curling Iron

  • Invest in Good Curling Iron

Tourmaline or ceramic coatings are commonly seen on high-end curling irons and curling wands, as these materials have been shown to cause less hair damage than straight metal. Yes, they are more expensive, but they are less harmful to your hair, heat up faster allowing you to apply heat for less time, and top-quality curling irons will last you for years. Who doesn't want to invest in their hair's health and attractiveness by purchasing high-quality hot tools?


  • Use of Different Styling Curls 

Because the curling iron's shape is uniform, you can't get varying sizes of curls from a single barrel. Purchase a variety of different-sized instruments and combine them. Curls of various sizes will be available, allowing you to create a variety of textures and depth. To achieve a stunningly natural effect, place larger curls towards the head and tighter curls around the tips.

  • Holding Curling Iron Properly 

If you're unsure about how to hold your curling iron, start with the clip pointing away from your face. This position allows you to have better control over the iron and achieve a more natural curl. You can hold your iron vertically, horizontally, or diagonally from there. Holding the iron vertically results in a looser curl pattern, whereas holding it horizontally results in tighter, bouncier curls. Your curls will fall somewhere in the middle if you hold the iron diagonally.

  • Right Technique

Most ladies clip their ends into the iron and then twist it in toward their heads, which isn't improper but will result in a barrel curl rather than the natural-looking wave you were after. For natural curl, turn the iron barrel facing down toward the floor.

Further, wrap your hair around it from the roots to the ends such that it gets locked in the ends. This will not only extend the life of your curls but will also add volume to the base. To achieve a more natural look, you can also leave the ends of the iron uncovered.

  • Cool Your Curls

Try catching your curls in your palm after releasing them from the barrel of your Best Curling Iron to give them a longer life. This allows the curl to cool in its natural shape, allowing the strands to better keep the curl pattern. Just make sure you're wearing a glove so you don't end up with burned skin.