Canva : Excellent service on Internet!

Everyone loves Canva!

It creates beautiful posters, social media posts, pamphlets (and more) in your browser. And it's so easy to use that toddlers can make it work.

But is Canva really the best online graphics tool?


Customer service
If you're having trouble using Canva, check out your detailed knowledge base or contact customer support. To send a ticket:

Need help? Select a category.
Browse the potential issues to see if there are any Knowledge Base articles.
If you don't see it, click Report a problem at the bottom of the page.
Explain the problem and submit the form.
Customer support was very prompt, efficient and friendly whenever I got in touch. There is no mention of the response time, but for me it has never been more than 48 hours.

Finally, check out Canva's Design School courses for in-depth tutorials on creating beautiful visuals. All classes, from personal branding to mastering presentations, are all free. Along the way, you'll learn helpful Canva tips, as well as common social media, design, and marketing tips.To know more visit canva review.

Canva reviews on the web
Pretty much all Canva reviews on Reddit, review sites, and the web agree:

Canva is extremely user-friendly and makes for an impressive design.
It is a useful tool, but it is not a substitute for hiring a professional photo editor, graphic design program or designer.
In short, Canva is great for non-professionals to create beautiful images without any design experience or Photoshop/Illustrator skills. This program is popular with small businesses, educational institutions and NGOs because it is cheaper than hiring an expert or registering with Adobe's Creative Cloud.

Canva makes sleek designs accessible to those on a budget and who have the time to create their own graphics. This is not a tool for graphic design agencies, freelancers or professionals who want to edit their photos. Aside from that disclaimer, everyone loves Canva because it's cost-effective, easy to use, and works great.

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