Tinder Clone

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With the increased use of mobile phones and dating culture, these On-Demand Dating Apps have seen a significant increase, and Omninos, our app development company, offers Tinder clone, a social dating app that allows the user to find a perfect match for dating in a specific geolocation.

Tinder Clone - An Online Dating App 


Internet and connection are inextricably linked from the start. Though the term connection was originally associated with networks and communication, it has now permeated everyone's lives by connecting hearts. With millions of people sharing similar interests and finding it easier to find their special someone, the network establishment has completely transformed into a business concept, and that is the on-demand dating industry. Entrepreneurs who have been thinking about it can take advantage of this opportunity to break into this niche.


Our Omninos Tinder Clone is a fail-safe solution that helps people spark the idea of connecting people with similar interests based on their location. With the splash of colourful designs and cutting-edge technology facilitation, users may find it difficult to resist checking out the app every now and then.

Exclusive Features We Provide in Our Tinder Clone App 


Sign-up/Login to Social Media


Users sign up using the requested credentials, such as their email address and phone number, or they log in directly through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.


Page of Biographical Information


Before going live, users customise their page with custom themes, visible name, age (DOB), likes and dislikes, location, pictures, and other features.




Registered users receive push and SMS notifications for profile matches, messages, offers, super likes, and other events.


Chat/Call in-App


Messages and photos are securely exchanged between matched profiles. A larger group of members can also join for group chat sessions.


Swipes to the right and left


Users look through profiles and swipe right if they like it or left if they don't. When both parties swipe right, their profiles are matched.


Like a lot


Users who are interested in a profile can express their enthusiasm by tapping the "Super Like" icon. The profile in question is notified of the change.


Most Recent Visitors

Users can view profiles of people who visited their page during a specific time period. The previously visited profiles appear on the screen for the user to peruse during the swiping session.


Dislikes Favorites


Users can like profiles that match their expectations and dislike those that do not.


Upload Photographs


Users can upload as many pictures as they want to their profiles for a more professional appearance.




Users can share the application link with friends and family via social media by tapping "Share." Users are rewarded according to company policy for successful referrals.


How Our Tinder Clone App Help U Earn Money 


Subscription services


Allow users to access application features after they sign up for monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription packages.


Purchases made in-app


For a fee, provide unique features such as custom emojis and smileys, GIFs, font style, and others.


Third-Party Providers


Integrate third-party services such as ticket bookings, restaurant table reservations, flower and chocolate delivery, and others for a fee.


Advertisements in-app


Showcase successful custom ad campaigns and brand promotional messages. The advertisement is cleverly integrated to improve the user experience.


Matching at Random


Users who want to be successfully matched (without any profile conditions) pay a fee for special matching packages.


Chat with Unrelated Profiles


Charge users individual fees in accordance with service policy to chat with unmatched profiles. Engaged profiles, on the other hand, either accept or reject chat requests at their discretion.


Why Choose Our Tinder Clone App Development Company Over Others


Consultation Is Free


We are human beings, and it is in our nature to be inquisitive. We understand that as you invest, you will have more questions. And we are delighted to assist you in this regard. Our team will help you clear the air and make an informed decision about its feasibility.


Support for Bugs Is Free


You can consider the work of our team to be synonymous with crystallinity. Our strength is in providing the highest level of perfection. However, if you encounter any critical bugs, we will gladly assist you free of charge during the support period specified.


Expert Developers


By our pledge, we will always be a strong developer community. We have mastered the development of high-quality dating apps that have helped people become market leaders. We'll work side by side and won't stop until we feel the satisfaction radiating from you.




We all know how unpleasant it is to be in the dark. As a result, we bring every stage of Tinder-like app development into the open. You can see your app growing with pinpoint accuracy.


Apps for iOS and Android


When you say the words 'app development' or 'technology,' Omninos will be there in a flash! Our experts designed features for both the Tinder Clone iOS and Tinder Clone Android apps that are compatible and scalable enough to support millions of users.