Star Wars The Old Republic project director’s vision for the future

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Ten years have passed since the official launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Ten years have passed since the official launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Many players are actively exploring and buying SWTOR Credits in the game. To commemorate the 10th anniversary, project director Keith Kanneg shared his thoughts on SWTOR’s ten years and its future development, including the arrival and surpassing of Legacy of the Sith.

Legacy of the Sith is the latest extension. Over the years, it has experienced trials, but SWTOR has made significant progress and maintains a community that still likes to return. In fact, it even recently won the award for their most improved SWTOR Money. Although the pandemic has also affected development, the team is carefully setting expectations for the coming face-to-face return of the Star Wars celebrations in May 2022.

In the game, the 10th anniversary will be commemorated and celebrated through a year-long event. When Update 7.0 appears with Legacy of the Sith, this event will bring back all previous anniversary rewards and new rewards. But what is exciting is their vision for the future: content and modernization. After the new update arrives, there will be an R-4 Anomaly Operation and a new daily area coming soon, which will be set up in a new area in Manaan. The team also plans to continue to update the story through multiple patches throughout the year, and continue to update the content through PvE, PvP, and instances.

In terms of modernization, some changes that have been previewed are itemization changes, removing RNG in gearing, all new character creation experience, and both Loadouts and Combat Styles. These are another part of the upcoming and through continuous development. So if players want to develop more smoothly in future SWTOR, they still need to prepare enough SWTOR Credits.