This is especially crucial in the later minutes of a game

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If an open Steph Curry could drain those three, we'd not recommend playing with Cheap NBA 2K MT Shaq. Ever. This is why, and since these two aspects are so closely interlinked, team basketball is heavily encouraged to spread the load. This is especially crucial in the later minutes of a game where fatigued players may have to be subbed back in.

This decision to return to traditional a traditional shooting system allows for more precision and detail while using dribble moves. There were many times on NBA 2K21 did I activate the "Pro Stick" in error and only see an extremely unbalanced ball. It's also important to note that alley-oops now require timing button presses in order to complete.

Making the lob be fairly easy, but the finishing player must press the 'shoot' button once in the green area of the timing counter to knock it down. While I'm not convinced this is necessary however I do appreciate the fact that everything requires some degree of precision and skill even if they're not particularly challenging during moment to moment gameplay.

The biggest defensive improvements are in the form of a redeveloped shot blocking system. I've always felt blocking in previous NBA 2K titles felt lifeless and was ultimately dependent on chance. Thanks to the latest animations and a smoother sense of flow and physicality, blocks now are precise and powerful providing much-needed toughness to the game's amazing centres, which I feel weren't really seen as threats during the previous games.

Have a go with Wilt Chamberlain's Lakers or Bill Russell's Celtics and you'll be able to see what I'm talking about. This added sense of NBA 2K22 MT buying sites accuracy and realism also extends to mid-air confrontations, as players in the ring feel more real in their movements.