It's just a basic board games room

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Trouble Brewing (Safe). Two teams will compete against each in RuneScape gold the production of bottles of Rum. Players can receive experience in different skills through completing tasks necessary for Rum production. Additionally, there is NPC selling cosmetics for points gained during the game.

Volcanic Mine (Risky). Underneath the surface of a Fossil Island you will find a Volcano which is filled with valuable ores. players who are above 50 Mining levels as well as meet the other requirements can try to mine these ores within the time limit. It's a great way to earn money and an incredible method of advancing mining skills.

Treasure Trails (Risky). Have you ever received Clue Scroll as a drop from an animal or a creature? If yes, you're familiar with the steps to start Treasure Trails. Enemies in the lands of Gielinor have a chance to drop Clue Scrolls, which will may lead to a place which may hold treasure. To make things more difficult, those pieces of paper have intricate puzzles, which could be in form of sketch, map rhyme or another. According to the title, this is only a Clue of what your prize may be. After you've solved it, could find another and after about 5 attempts, you'll receive a treasure.

Burthorpe Games Room (Safe). It's just a basic board games room where players are able to play various Jagex variants of well known titles like Connect Four or Draughts. It also has Rat Pits (Safe). Players can train their regular cats to transform into Wily Cats who specialize in combating Mice in specific arenas.

The Rogue Trader (Safe). If you negotiate on behalf of Ali Morrisane who is greedy and a clever Pollnivnian merchant looking for new business opportunities , you could make a little profit in form of clothes, runes and blackjacks. Tears that belong to buy rs3 gold Guthix (Safe). Collecting tears of the ancient God called Guthix can increase your skill level. This activity can be only carried out once per week.