Star Wars: The Old Republic 7.0 delayed release could be a bad thing

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The original SWTOR 7.0 launch time is what many players are looking forward to.

The original SWTOR 7.0 launch time is what many players are looking forward to. At that time of the year, everyone wants some Star Wars. The release of The Book of Boba Fett is enough for ordinary fans, but as Star Wars fans, players want more, and more is always better. And many players have already prepared enough Cheap SWTOR Credits.

The postponement to February is disappointing because February is not a pleasant month for video games. Everyone will be a little tired of playing games during the holidays, because many players also have holidays, rest days, and other good reasons to stay at home. They may want to spend more time in real life. So most players may not have much time to play the game.

From a more paranoid perspective, Anthem, which was released two years ago in February, eventually caused disaster to BioWare and EA. These two games share more than just developers and publishers. So the delay of Star Wars The Old Republic 7.0 may not be a good thing, which may consume the freshness of players. Even many players have prepared enough SWTOR Credits, but it is still frustrating to not be able to play Legacy of the Sith.

Last but not least, this delay means that players will have no new story content in SWTOR for eight months. This may be the largest draft content the game has experienced so far. Because working from home affects productivity, there is no doubt about it. So what players can do is to enjoy the current game and buy SWTOR Money to enable themselves to get excellent results in the new expansion.