How to calculate the cost of fuel that we do?

Calculating gas costs is easy! We show you the formula and the tools to calculate the cost of gasoline for your car or motorcycle.


Is the car you drive or the one you plan to buy right for you? Are you making correct use of your vehicle? Calculating gasoline consumption allows you to answer all these questions because both the type of car and the use you make of the car can affect your  daily fuel consumption .

If you are wondering "how to calculate the gasoline used by my car", in this article you will find the instructions to  calculate the fuel consumption of your car  or motorcycle. Take note!

Why are you interested in calculating fuel costs?

Having a stable personal economy, managing to  save for retirement  and carry out projects without having to borrow money allows us some security and freedom. To achieve this balance, it is not only important to have a fixed income, but to maintain  good management of your finances . The latter goes through having  control of all expenses, even the smallest ones, and personal or family income  . 

The car usually represents a significant cost in the economies of families and is even more so for  single people .

If you travel every day to carry out your activities, the cost of gasoline surely occupies one of the first positions in your list of monthly and annual expenses.

What if your gas bill is higher than it really should be? There are many factors that affect the fuel consumption of a vehicle and, above all, you should know that there is a  difference between the official and the real consumption :

  • The first is the one  indicated by the manufacturer  and is an approximate cost value that is based on the average during the vehicle tests.
  • The second refers to the  actual expense of the car  when subjected to driving style, use and external factors (weather, road, limits in urban areas, etc.).

Knowing how much fuel your car is really using allows you to rethink this  fixed consumption  in your personal economy. Perhaps the  vehicle is very old  and now consumes more than a few years ago; it may be a car with more power than you need; perhaps, replacing it with a lower-powered car or an  electric vehicle is more convenient for  you ...

You can have better control of your finances simply by analyzing a piece of information:  gasoline expense, and calculating it  is very simple.