Top 7 most common summer AC problems

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Air conditioners have become an important part of the daily routine especially if you are living in tropical or subtropical hot climate regions.

Air conditioners have become an important part of the daily routine especially if you are living in tropical or subtropical hot climate regions. The first thing you do after entering a room is to look for an AC remote and turn on the air conditioner to cool the room.


There are two types of AC, one is window AC and other is split AC. Both of these have different units, for eg, the window AC has one single unit which is fitted into the window, and has condenser and cooler into this only. Whereas, the split AC has a condenser separately and the cooler part is installed in the room.

The AC absorbs hot and humid air from the surrounding, cools it down with the help of chemicals like refrigerants and blows the cool air into the room.


Being a machine, usually the AC unit works for around 10-15 years, if it is kept and maintained correctly. Problems may arise in the functioning or in the machinery of the AC. Most commonly problems in AC arise because of poor maintenance, or incorrect way of installation or poor servicing in the whole machine life. Thus, always choose Ac Repair in Lucknow professionals for ac repairing, installation and servicing.

Let’s look into the top 7 most common summer AC problems in detail.


Most common summer AC problems


Problems with functioning

  1. Inadequate cooling: One of the most common problems with summer AC is inadequate cooling. The temperature shown may be quite less, but the cooling may not be according to that. One of the reasons for this may be that your AC unit is not sized according to your room size. Also, this may be because of the wrong mode selected for cooling, or there is dirt accumulation in the air filters of AC, both split and window type. Thus for solving this problem call Ac Repair in Pune for repairing all the common problems.

  2. Low refrigerant volume: There is a decrease of refrigerant volume in the AC unit. Refrigerant is a chemical compound that absorbs the heat and humidity from your room, and gives out cool air. If there is a leak in this part of the unit, there is inadequate cooling and this causes problems with the functioning.

  3. Vibration of the AC unit: Due to poor style of installment, or when there is gap between the window and the AC, the AC keeps on vibrating because of the moving fan and also makes noise during the working of the condenser. This occurs more commonly in window ACs.


Problems with the machine unit


  1. Problem with remote: The most basic and ignored problem that occurs is when the remote is not working. The whole focus of not functioning AC moves to the unit and no one thinks about the remote. Remote should always be checked before a mechanic for AC is being called.

  2. Problem with condenser: The condenser of the AC is not working. Sometimes it trips because of voltage differences, also it stops working because of thermostat problems. Also, in case of split AC, the fan of the condenser may stop working or may have tripped, which leads to problems in the condenser.  All these problems lead to non functional condensers, which ultimately leads to cooling problems in AC.
    With the problem in the condenser unit, the AC may start and shut off repeatedly and there are chances of short circuit or tripping. In this case just call Ac Repair in Chennai immediately so that chances of short circuit or tripping not appear and everything gets sorted.

  3. Water leaking: This is a common issue on hot and humid days.The air conditioner sucks up hot air from the surrounding, and converts it into cool air with the help of condenser and refrigerant. But sometimes, there may be humidity in the sucked air that gets converted into the water droplets which is exited through the duct. Many times this duct is torn or there is accumulation of dirt, and thus water exits through some other outlet and leaks inside the room. This is a common problem and thus the water ducts need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This leads to more work on the machines and thus higher electricity bills, thus a technician should be called upon to treat this.

  4. Problems with the fan: A fan is present in the unit that blows air from the room over the evaporator and cools it, and another fan that blows the heated air outside the room. The functioning of these fans can be hampered because of dirt and dust accumulated or because of fault in the motor parts of the fan. This leads to poor airflow and may lead to complete shutdown of the AC.