A Detailed MPPSC Planner 2022 for Beginners: Guide to Crack the MPPSC Civil Service Exam

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Complete study plan for mppsc exam for beginners from the mppsc coaching in indore sharma academy.

If you have decided to appear for MPPSC Civil Services Examination in 2022? This is great because now you have enough time to study. However, the course is so vast that time will fly by very fast.

Initially, you will start studying hard but as time passes you will lose steam. Or you study a subject and like it so much that you keep studying it for months, ignoring the rest. The risk of straying is high if you study carelessly. Therefore, you should have a proper mppsc study planner to guide you.

Therefore, it is very important to have a full proof study plan in marathon examination like MPPSC State level Examination. And more importantly, it is very important!

Your MPPSC Planner

If you are interested in this prestigious civil service examination, then you should already know about the exam dates to be postponed by the Commission due to COVID 19 epidemic.

The preliminary examination has been postponed till June 20, 2022 and the main examination will be held on September 2022. So, you have more than about 2 months for the preliminary examination and still 5 months left for the main examination.

Take a piece of paper and make your macro plan first. Write different months on a piece of paper. 6 months from May 2022 to Sep 2022 are such that you not only have to complete the syllabus but also have to revise it.

Split topics

Now you need to divide your studies into these different months. List the topics that are for both prelims and mains.

There are a total of 7 subjects in General Studies:

  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Politics
  4. Economics
  5. Constitution
  6. IT
  7. Science Technology

Now your plan is to study these subjects and revise them as well.

Keeping this in mind, break the syllabus we have in different months now. Remember to keep the last 2 months for revision and practice.

MPPSC Civil Services Examination Study Plan from June

You have to follow discipline at this time. During this time you should start your preparation with general studies. Take two subjects to study a subject, one subject becomes monotonous. Take a topic that you are familiar with and one that you are completely new to.

This will help you relax and get out of your comfort zone as well. If you are comfortable in it and if you are afraid of it then you can opt for history.

The idea is to first generate interest and discipline for the need to study for a long time. Understand and revise different concepts in the two subjects you have chosen.

MPPSC Planner for July and August

Now that you have last month's studies, you will probably be in the mindset of studying. Now the plan is that you increase the hours from 5 hours to 7 hours.

It is expected that you have completed the previously chosen subjects. Now the goal for these two months is to end the difficult topic completely and start the second topic as well.

You can choose Geography of India, Environmental Geography. The syllabus of MPPSC Geography is easy to finish.

MPPSC Planner for Prelims

For a pre-completed prelims and geography electives like 2/3 electives, now is the time to focus solely on prelims. Keep the optional papers separate and revise the notes for GS while studying the subject. You should revise the entire syllabus at least 3 times.

Solve more and more question papers for both GS and Prelims. If you do not solve at least 100 -120 practice papers then you are not going to pass. You should solve at least 10000 questions.

Look at papers from many sources so that your brain is conditioned to expect the unexpected. MPPSC coaching in indore suggest, do not ignore the previous year papers as it may disturb the exam.

MPPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation Post Prelims

Post prelims focus on completion of syllabus for history, constitution and ethics. Here you should walk at full speed. Study for a minimum of 10 hours. You will have 3 months before the main. In this period, complete the incomplete part in the first month itself. Later on you should focus on revision.

Focus on topics like functional classification of cities, earthquake tsunami, environmental pollution, panchayati raj etc.

One thing is that in these three months most of the candidates of MPPSC Mains exam miss. Do not procrastinate. Write as many answers as possible in these three months. Pay full attention to answer writing for both GS and Hindi essay paper. MPPSC is said to be a writer's exam.

The conclusion

If you follow the tips, you can cover a lot during this time and there will be a positive result in the exam.

During this preparation, make sure that you read the newspaper daily or see at least some current affairs notes and keep yourself well acquainted with subjects such as space relations in different regions of the world and India. Even if you initially give 5 hours daily for your preparation and extend it after 10 hours, you can complete the syllabus comfortably and succeed in cracking the exam.

You can enroll in the MPPSC online coaching course for this so that you can get all the subjects in the form of videos. You can also get a customized study plan.