NBA 2K22 has been released only a few days ago

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As for the "official" solution what NBA 2K22 MT Coins has been able to provide is installing the game again and/or or clear your cache. So, that's absolutely worth a try if everything other options fail. However, it's still extremely annoying, and is just one in a number of these issues that players have encountered to date.

Of course, the sole true The Drama Trade Rumors bug solution in NBA 2K22 can come from the game's developers. Luckily, according to the automated replies some players have gotten, 2K and Visual Concepts are well-aware of the problem and are likely looking for the best solution.

So, we'll just have to hope that this issue will be fixed soon. In the meantime be sure to check out our other guides on NBA 2K22, some of which address other glitches and errors. To give a handful of examples of them, we've written pieces such as Elevator Problems with Connection and Unable to Connect to Server, the Tattoos aren't showing up bug Fix, and 6f8ce31b and 727e66ac Error Message Fix.

NBA MT Coins has been released only a few days ago and has many players who are wondering how they can change the 2K22 affiliation. Certain affiliations are crucial for certain players and with four it can be easy to end up in a place you don't want to be. The good news is that the process is quite simple and will require players no time at all to make the switch to a new one.