Doing so will allow for easier navigation and quicker activity completion

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The City offers a vast game area that players can play around in Buy NBA 2K MT Coins leisure. The area offers many chances for players to interact with NPCs to accomplish side quests, and even upgrade to a penthouse overlooking the City. When you enter an open-world, large area such as the City, there comes the necessity of unlocking spawn points. Doing so will allow for easier navigation and quicker activity completion.

Players can use the spawn points to start their gameplay in a specific area of the city. The access to them will begin when the side quest Unlock Spawn Point becomes available. There are seven spawn points to choose from.

All of the points for spawning are free at the same time the side quest has been completed. Players are required to travel a specified distance through the City to complete the quest. Setting the spawn point can be accomplished from your City map by selecting the desired area to spawn and then confirming the location.

It is the Unlock Spawn Points side quest is given by ATM, an NPC in the City, and requires users to travel 26.2 miles. The run must be completed on foot. Using the BMX skateboard, skateboard or rollerblades are not considered to count toward the total distance traveled. The player also has to be running instead of walking. If the quest is tracked, there will be a progress indicator on the left-hand right side, so players can constantly see the distance they've run.

The distance total is tracked in time and doesn't require to fastest way to make MT on NBA 2K22 be completed at once. The players should be aware that running while in a place will not count, so continuously running isn't a good idea if there's an obstacle in the character's path. Once players reach the 26.2 miles and have completed the quest, all of the spawn points automatically open. The spawning point can be set on the map to one of 7 locations.