Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Cigarettes

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Thinking about trying hemp cigarettes? Read this before you buy your first pack!

We all know that smoking tobacco is harmful to our health. We have been told this since we were old enough to sit through elementary school assemblies or watch family sitcoms. It’s a widely-accepted fact, and the reason so many smokers of traditional cigarettes are trying to quit.


On the other hand, you have probably also heard about the numerous potential benefits of hemp-based products. While many people do not want to use the THC-containing products that are only legal in some parts of the world, many more are tuning in to the potential benefits of CBD, which does not contain a psychoactive compound.


How are these two things related? Because they are the two halves of the reason so many people are considering making the switch to hemp cigarettes in the coming year – and why you might want to do the same!


What are Hemp Cigarettes?


Cigarettes are typically made with tobacco. However, anyone who has enjoyed herbal cigarettes – like those made with cloves and other flavors – knows that this isn’t the only thing that can be rolled up for smoking.


Hemp is no different. It is excellent for smoking, since it has a pleasant, earthy flavor and scent and does not have the same damaging health impacts as tobacco. What’s more, it lacks the psychoactive chemical that is present in marijuana. Without this chemical, it cannot get you high or otherwise impact your ability to work, drive, or go about your day.


Potential Benefits of Hemp


Some people do enjoy the effects of THC and in many places, it is perfectly legal to use. So, if smoking hemp does not offer the same psychoactive feeling that using THC offers, why do people enjoy smoking it? It has a lot to do with the other potential benefits of cannabis products.


While studies are still being conducted regarding the efficacy of CBD, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of it offering relief from numerous problems. Some of these are relief from pain, muscle tightness, symptoms of anxiety, stress, and more. These potential benefits are just some of the reasons so many people have started using CBD regularly in the last few years – and the reason smoking it could potentially be beneficial, too!


Are There Risks in Smoking Hemp Cigarettes?


While the risks of smoking hemp are drastically fewer than those of using tobacco, there are still some risks. Anytime you inhale smoke, you pose risks to your mouth, throat, lungs, and more. However, those risks are mostly physical when smoking hemp – and are negligible in comparison to the risks of tobacco.


In general, any switch away from tobacco is a healthy decision. The benefit of choosing hemp cigarettes over products like e-cigarettes, vaping, and other smoking replacements is that hemp contains no nicotine. This means that hemp is non-addictive and not habit-forming, which can go a longer way in helping users eventually break the smoking habit altogether.


Ready to give hemp cigarettes a try? You just might find that it’s the best decision you have ever made!