What is Exactly ij.start.canon?

Canon ij.setup is an easiest and quick way which provides a source to connect your printer with other device like windows, Mac or iPhone. Furthermore, Ij.start.canon is the official online support site of Canon. Read the points on our site for the complete setup process of your Canon prin


Ij.start.canon is the official online support site of Canon. It offers products’ online manuals, download and installation steps for printer and scanner setup, and more. At ij.start.canon, you can easily learn to set up a Canon printer or scanner manually without any expert’s help. Read the points on our site for the complete setup process of your Canon printer or scanner.

Get started to Canon setup with guidelines of ij.start cannon site. Check and learn the best and easy methods to set up Canon printer hardware download and install the Canon ij setup. The site is based on the computer operating system where you can find an online manual and guide. Use the wired or wireless connection to connect the Canon printer to Wi-Fi and router as well. Then, set up the hardware and install the Canon software. Now you can try printing.

Wireless ij.start.canon setup for Windows

  1. Turn on your Canon product.
  2. Go to the printer/scanner screen.
  3. Using the Control Panelof the printer/scanner, open the Settings option.
  4. Within Settings,select the Wireless LAN Setup option.
  5. Now, please utilize the Arrow button to go through the options.
  6. Press OK when the arrow is on Other Setup.
  7. Again, press OK when the arrow is on the Wireless Setup option.
  8. Now, please turn on your Windows device.
  9. Complete the driver or software installation process.
  10. After that, click Add Device.
  11. The installed driver will now search for nearby printer or scanner networks.
  12. Select your start.cannonsetup’s name and add it.
  13. The wireless setup of the Canon printer/scanner is complete.

Follow the below guide and set up your Canon printer;

  1. Download software – Visit ij.start canon and download the Canon driver.
  2. Install and Select connection type – Double-tap on file and select wireless or USB connection.
  3. Turn ON the Canon printer – Press the button to turn 006Fn the printer.
  4. Connect WiFi – On a wireless connection, press and hold the WiFI alarm to connect.
  5. Flashing blue and green lamps – If you find this situation, it means the printer is connected to WiFi.
  6. Agree on the terms to install – Read and agree to the license terms of Canon set up in order to install.
  7. Finish the Canon Printer Setup – Tap on Complete to finish the final step.

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How to set up Canon ij setup

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