Average population of an American country?

RAND State Statistics contain database average population of an American country?

The country America is a gigantic land occupying almost 9,147,420 km square. Presently the total Current population in us is 333,834,210 as per the study of 18 th December 2021. America's population occupies 4. 25 % of the world's population.
Los Angeles County of California state, the population is across10,000,000. On the Contrary Kalawao, the county of Hawaii has the smallest population in America. This county has a population which is less than 100.
Studies show the average population density of America is 36 persons per square km.
Hence based on this data American countries can easily be divided into two distinct Subdivisions. These are namely the "big" counties and the "small" counties.
Now the question arises why does this distinction occur? The answer to this is due to the huge geographical differences. This is quite common over such a vast area of America.
Studies show more than "big" counties have more than half of the residents of America. Hence less than half of the residents live in the small counties. In addition to this what will horrify you the most is their number. The "big" counties are only 143 whereas the "small" counties have 2,999.
Even Loving of Texas also has a low population of only 113 persons. On the contrary, Harris of Texas has a population of 4,589,928. Thus you can see within the same state there is such a big difference.
Several states experience extreme climatic conditions which leads to such huge differences. For this, you can take the example of the state of Texas. It has a minimum temperature of -23 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, it has a maximum 24-hour snowfall of up to 26 inches and the greatest precipitation up to 42 inches. Apart from Texas, there are several other states and counties which suffer from climatic extremes. Hence this affects the average population count of America
If we keep aside the geographical factor, the population of America is quite impressive. This is because despite the higher life expectancy in America the average population is 10,000. This data reveals the level of literacy of the country. And this helps to bring down the fertility rate.
This country, America comes in 3rd to occupy the total population in terms of world's share. Studies also show that the average Population Density by State is mainly from the urban area. Significantly this accounts for almost 82.8% of the population.