Top pasta in Vancouver

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Italian Food Restaurants in Vancouver

Italian is one of the most popular cuisines in Vancouver. Italian food has become mainstream worldwide, with Italian restaurants everywhere. Italian food can be found in Italian grocery stores and Italian specialty shops. Before starting to talk about Italian food Vancouver it's necessary to clarify that Italian cuisine is very diverse because of its origins; it includes all dishes which are prepared according to a specific set of traditions and procedures, independent from their region or local tastes. In fact, many other countries have developed their own Italian food by adapting traditional recipes and flavors – for this reason, there are few uniquely Italian foods – just think about Pizza, Pasta, and Spaghetti!

In the following pages, we will try to give you a list of some Italian restaurants in Vancouver, divided into Italian food categories. Italian cuisine is usually served with Italian wines, but restaurants usually offer a great variety: Italian art and design combined with Italian music create the perfect atmosphere for a fantastic Italian meal.

Italian Food Restaurants - Italian Trattoria and Ristorante

Trattoria and Ristorante is the traditional 'low end' of Italian dining; they are casual places that serve moderately priced meals in an unpretentious environment where diners can get homemade dishes such as pasta and fresh salads. A trattoria (taverna is its literal Italian translation) or ristorante (from which we derive restaurant) would typically be family-owned operations serving local client native foods at moderate prices: in Italian, trattoria, and ristorante literally means "restaurant" respectively "taverna". Italian Trattoria and Ristorante in Vancouver:

Cioppino's Italian Restaurant Bar Italian Restaurants - Bistecca Italian Restaurant

Bistecca Italian restaurant is an upscale Italian restaurant specializing in northern Italian cuisine such as Ossobuco alla Milanese (braised veal shank), named after the city of its origin. Italian bistecca restaurants also serve traditional southern Italian food such as pasta in Vancouver dishes featuring seafood, risotto with seafood, or lamb. Italian Restaurants-Bistrocco Italian Restaurant:

Italian Food - Pizzeria and Pizza take out house

Pizza can be found at Italian Pizzeria, Italian Pizza take-out houses. Italian pizzerias serve traditional Italian pizza with its typical toppings such as tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil. Italian pizza has become popular all over the world because of its simplicity and variety of ingredients. In Italy, it can be enjoyed as a quick snack or as a first course. Italian Food - Pizzeria House:

Italian Food – Italian Hot Dog Stands

In Italy, hot dog stands called "hot dog Italia" sell sausages in Italian bread, baguettes, or ciabattas with a variety of sauces and spices. Italian hotdogs are also known as panini after the famous Milanese sandwich. Italian Food – Italian Hot Dog Stand:

Italian Food – Italian Gelato and Italian Ice cream parlors

Since Italians were the first to produce ice cream, Italian gelato, and Italian ice cream parlors in Vancouver sell Italian ices in a variety of flavors and offer various.