Monsters in the closet (2021) Film Review

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When it comes to genre films, there are a few rules to follow. Sometimes directors have to be encouraged to bend or even break them.

monster in the closet

When it comes to genre films, there are a few rules to follow. Sometimes directors have to be encouraged to bend or even break them. Some "houses" are built that way and there are still franchises that have gotten out of the production mindset. The risk is worth it. You can watch serials of all time and the best movies on 7starhd. Visit today and grab the best movie to watch to spend quality time this weekend.

Most loyal followers

In the horror world, we like to be surprised. Movies don't have to be made by major studios to earn the love of their most loyal followers. There should be no rules in horror. We love the weird, the bizarre and the introspective.

Horror anthology made with love

That's why a film like Monsters in the Closet can't pass the test it claims to. It's a horror anthology made with love, but it lacks a few key moments to take its rightful place among its peers. It's a film that could and should have been perfected before its release. Is it a terrible film? It isn't. But it's messy and the rules aren't even an issue when you watch the film.

Investigate her father's death

In this horror anthology, when the author dies, he leaves behind several stories. His daughter takes it upon herself to investigate her father's death. This is how she wreaks havoc. She discovers an audiobook, voiced by the author himself. He uses magic to bring his characters into reality. Each "monster" is a part of the story.

Ability to tell good stories in a short format

Don't get me wrong. I love horror anthologies and am always looking for the next one that might surprise me with its ability to tell good stories in a short format. In Monsters in the Closet, only a few of them manage to escape in the end. It's just a collection of disgusting gags that don't satisfy even those who watch the movie.

Unfinished special effects

The movie "Monsters in the Closet" has too many flaws. The film looks like a work in progress, with unfinished special effects, mismatched shots, and miscast actors. Given the scale of the 7 star hd movie film, it shouldn't look amateurish. But on the other hand, horror-comedies are part of a genre that's hard to answer.


One of the enemies of genre films. Sometimes, though, they're a safe haven for filmmakers trying to make ends meet. Sometimes they can be followed and filmmakers can get away with it. You just have to be careful what kind of film you want to make. In "Monsters in the Closet," no one seems to have known about it. And unfortunately, at some point, nobody cares.