Here Are A Few Common SEO Web Design Mistakes

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Developing a business website is similar to having an office online. It must provide them with the same level of service that they would have received in person. Regrettably, there are a few web design blunders that can keep your website from working well. The following are some SEO web design blunders to avoid.




There are still many websites that will use text images rather than text. It is only going to be a waste of your time to add text images to your website. Do not deprive your content of its full potential; use text only. Images are good to add life to a web page but should not be used to replace plain text. Add descriptive alt tags to images can help search engines know their content and get them listed in image search.


 Flash Intro


Many websites still have these flash intros, which have no useful purpose. Though some search engines can now index flash content, flash intros do not usually have a lot of text in them. Most people will not watch a flash intro. They will just search for the skip button. If they are unable to skip, they'll just click the back button, and you can say goodbye to a customer.




This includes all types of animations that can be added to a web page; spinning text, glitter graphics, background music, and glowing text. All are so fancy, used to attract the attention of a user. These work on some types of websites but are usually pointless and make a website look unprofessional. That being said, everything that can take attention away from your main content should be avoided.


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