All right, I have been working toward the pursuit cape for about 2.5 decades

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All right, I have been working toward the pursuit cape for about 2.5 decades

Same thing with the crafting guild. I am able to OSRS gold mine or do my crafting in different areas much simpler than going to the crafting guild. Does anyone here actually use the crafting guild to train crafting? Granted, I haven't visited all of the guilds, but the ones I have visited just seem to rather be a waste of space. Not really much benefit to them. It would appear the guilds may be made more useful, I don't know, possibly supplying tasks to high level players rather like the lumber yard. Only a thought. A number of the guilds just appear to lack a function and are not very useful once you get in? Does anyone agree or disagree? Which guilds would you are the most useful?

All right, I have been working toward the pursuit cape for about 2.5 decades now and I always get told they're so easy to get. Much simpler and quicker than most, or even all 99 skills, based upon the individual telling me. I have told that today, and I was very bored, so I decided to do some calculations. Simply adding up the good skill requirements which you want, in regards to 11,492,440 experience. That's just equivalent of just below level 98 in any one skill. But wait a moment, there's a level 85 battle requirement too. The skill requirements only say 40 assault, 65 defense, 69 strength, 55 prayer, 75 magic, 75 ranged, and 41 summoning. Add this up with the default 10 hp, and it just comes out to level 66.9. To get 85 battle, you need to bump attack and hp to 60 and 61. That brings the entire minimum xp to 12,030,092.

But wait, there is more. To be fair, if you have 65 defense and 69 strength and 75 ranged, you're likely going to have zero less than 65 assault and 70-75 hp (depending on how you train). That brings the likely total to between 12,641,117 and 13,113,911. It is possible to get it at the level, though, so we'll leave it and give ourselves a conservative estimate.

Recall that a 99 in almost any skill is 13,034,431 xp. I assert that the coaching for a quest cape is as tough as most 99's. Quite somewhat tougher even, if you believe that the majority of that training is at the lower levels. Compare it to instruction to 99 range in f2p. It is much, much more difficult to get 13M xp without Old School RuneScape Gold the benefits of items that open up in greater levels that member skillers so frequently take for granted.