Become a part of the Binance exchange with an account

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Reading this blog, you’d get a clear understanding of the Binance exchange platform along with explicit registration steps and login steps for the account.

Cryptocurrencies have conquered everything it was created for and with exchange platforms in the world, people have never been so close to exploring crypto. Thus, we thought of discussing one such exchange platform that has turned a lot of heads for offering reliable crypto services- the Binance exchange. The best thing about this crypto trading platform is that it also offers a safe online location to keep and protect crypto funds. Users will have a vast exposure to the global crypto market and having an account on the platform makes everything so much easier. Therefore, this read contains steps that would help you create or register for an account.

Registering for an account and signing into it

This part of the read is exclusively created to help you with steps to create an account on the Binance exchange platform which would then, be followed by steps to sign in:

Keep up and register

  1. Begin by heading to the official Binance site.
  2. Get into the registration form on the page.
  3. Put in a phone number, and decide a password.
  4. Be thorough with the set “Terms of Use”.
  5. Put a check on agreeing to the stated terms.
  6. Place a hit on “Create Account” and confirm.
  7. Verify the account with the received code.
  8. Ensure enabling the 2FA security at the end.

Now, we think registering for an account isn’t enough. You should also prepare for the times when you are logged out of your account on the Binance exchange. Thus, enlisted are the steps to sign into it:

Keep up and get into the account

  1. On the Binance site, hit “Log In”.
  2. Feed-in the credentials and “Log In”.


This information piece is crafted with significant details that help you understand the exclusive Binance exchange platform, where you don’t just get to make important trade decisions, but also a protected digital location to store your crypto. Moving on, you’ve learned the steps that help you with registering on the platform, followed by the steps to sign in to an account.