Why Preventing Keyword Cannibalization Is Essential?

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If you have two web pages that do something similar to that merges content. For example, if you have a web page that recommends good dog food and a page that lists bad dog food, you can put all that content on one page. This solution may not work in all situations, but merging content often simplifies and improves search engine optimization for your site. Consult Ottawa SEO Company to know more about keyword cannibalization in detail!

  • Deleting Content 

 Extremely, you should consider removing the offending web content altogether. Especially when the site is no longer relevant. If your business grows and old, less specialized personal blog posts that contain certain keywords are still ranked higher than the web contents you want, remove the content. If the content does not exist, then the problem does not exist. 

  • Delete Keyword 

 If you want to keep certain content for other reasons, but the presence of the keyword is not important, removing it is always an option. This may be a slow and tedious approach-manual solutions are usually the case-but it has the advantage of being very simple and easy to implement. 

  • Modifying Internal Links 

 If you have web content that links to other content on your site, the links themselves can be an element that can be improved. Links are important for search engines like Google. Therefore, if you include links to other content or other web pages, search engines may rank the linked content higher. 

 Add or modify internal links on your site to link less important content to the content you want to emphasize and prioritize. By doing this, it signals the search engine results page (SERP) that the linked content should be prioritized. Doing well with SERP is still very important. 

  • Changes To Inbound Link Requests 

This is one form of cannibalism that is difficult to deal with, but it can be very important. Another factor that SEO takes into account when ranking search results is how many others are linking to your content. After doing a search on your site, one of the reasons why less important content ranks higher than newer, more relevant content is because other sites are creating those links. 

 If you have the means and time, especially if those links are links to highly influential websites, use the software to track the backlinks and contact the webmaster to  change or remove the links. You can ask to do it. Ideally, you can replace unwanted old links with new ones that you want to prioritize, resulting in higher SEO rankings. 

  • Completed 

 Current search algorithms are much more sophisticated when it comes to assigning search ranks. Good content is always the most important factor in getting a good ranking. By avoiding cannibalism, you can spotlight the content you are looking for and get the attention it deserves.

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