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It's been said that you're MORE likely to be struck by lightning than you are to win the lottery. Well, if that's the case... then I should be DEAD by now.

It's been said that you're MORE likely to be
struck by lightning than you are to win the lottery.

Well, if that's the case... then I should be DEAD by now.

Richard Lustig
That's right... 
my name is Richard Lustig and I've won the 7 Lottery Game Grand Prizes and have pocketed over a million dollars in prize money. 

That doesn't even include the hundreds of thousands of dollars in smaller prizes I've won. 

I've used my lottery winnings to purchase my dream home, a Harley, and a Jaguar. My wife and I go on trips and cruises a few times a year.
And because I want my teenage son in a safe, reliable car... I bought him a BMW. All of this paid for with the lottery money I won. 

Believe me, none of this is to brag. It's just to prove my point:
You don't win 7 Lottery Game Grand Prizes by luck.

I've learned, through a painstaking method of trial and error, that winning the lottery happens by following a method. 

That's right... Winning the lottery is all about stacking the odds in YOUR favor... while at the same time... decreasing the house odds... or things that prevent most people from winning. 

Don't worry if it sounds confusing... all you need to know is that after 7 Lottery Game Grand Prize wins... I've cracked the code to winning the lottery and can show you how to win it too.
Lottery Winner University
My last 3 wins have profited me well over $1 million dollars. My biggest win to date was $842,152 playing Mega Money in Florida. I recently won a $98,000 Fantasy Five Grand Prize.
Lottery Winner University
And if you give me just a few minutes of your valuable time, I've put together a list of things I did that helped me become the first and ONLY seven-time Lottery game grand-prize winner. 

So please, watch this video until the very end because I'm going to give you some tips you can use tonight to increase your odds of winning the lottery. 

Now, before I share my proven techniques... I'm sure you're wondering why you should even believe me when I say I can increase your odds of winning the lottery. After all, this is an indstry known for scam artists who claim they can help you win the lottery.
So, I've always been a big believer in proof.
The honest reality is… you can never get enough proof. So let me put your skepticism to rest. 

First off, you can find actual documentation of my winnings right on the Florida Lottery website... You can also find me on Google. I've been asked to appear on national TV several times, to share my lottery winning methods.
Here I am on the Rachel Ray show... 

Rachel Ray show
Rachel Ray show

Here I am with Mike Tyson...
Mike Tyson
Good Morning America
Here I am with Robin Roberts from
Good Morning America... 

Good Morning America
No one, and I mean NO ONE has ever won 
the 7 Lottery Game Grand Prizes. I know 
because I was recently recognized By Ripley’s 
“Believe It Or Not” 
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
Because of my rare feat of winning 7 times, I've been on the Learning Channel, Good Morning America, Fox And Friends, The Today Show In Australia and many more. 

How many other lottery “gurus” can claim that and have the proof to back it up? 

I'm also a best-selling author with my book on how to win the lottery. 

But more importantly... here's plenty of PROOF that my methods have helped several regular, average people to win more money than most people will ever see in a life time:
Lottery Winner University
This review I am very proud of, Larry started using my methods in Iowa and won over a 9 million dollar jackpot, here’s what they had to say:
Larry Dawson of Webster City, Iowa came forward with his wife Kathy to accept their $9.09 million dollar jackpot. 

He told lottery officials and media that after Kathy saw this guy on t.v. Richard Lustig who had won a bunch of lottery game grand prizes, she bought his book and they started playing just for fun”
And here’s another one from a couple who won 2 million dollars:
"My husband and I used Richard Lustig's method and within months we hit a Mega Money jackpot for 2 million dollars! We'll only play lotto from now on using these strategies." 
Jennifer and Shaun, Florida
And here’s a review from someone who won big from playing scratch off using my method:
“I decided to purchase an entire package of scratch-off tickets (Maryland Lottery Ravens). I utilized my winnings to purchase another package, and in that package, December, 2011, was a $250,000 winning scratch off ticket." 
That’s from RICHARD TAYLOR CRISFIELD in Maryland
And here’s a review from a winner in Australia who used one my methods for playing Powerball:
“I picked up $46,000 last week in our PowerBall lottery as a result of keeping the same numbers. “ 
That’s from Bill Berryman in Melbourne, Australia
Here’s a review from Kevin, who is now winning consistently using my methods:
Before your methods, I played for 20 years. The most I ever won was $86. Now I win about $100 a week. I even won tickets of $1,000 and $5,000. I've won $23,075.00 since.
And another review from Jason who won big using my methods while playing the 100 million blockbuster scratch off:
“Oh my God, I won $10,000 today on the 100 million dollar blockbuster scratch off. I can't believe it. I am looking at the card over and over again.” 
That’s from JASON in KANSAS CITY, Missouri
And one last review from Bob in Connecticut who used won of my methods to win a nice sized prize and is using it to take his family to Disney World:
“We bought the same 5 numbers for 26 draws consecutively. Number Set 1 - Not a winner, Number Set 2 - Won $3, Number Set 3 - Won $3, Number Set 4 - Won $34 I thought.. Sweet, Number Set 5 - $3,269! (5 out of 6 on Lotto). We're going to use the money to pay for our trip to Disney World. “ 

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