How To Find A Standard Mobile Notary Public

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How To Find A Standard Mobile Notary Public

Notaries are commissioned by the state for witnessing the signing of important documents. In specific circumstances notaries may be needed to act as intermediaries between the state and corporations or individuals. The usual procedure or interaction, involves locating and visiting the notary's office where important documents that pertain to valuable information, on private loans or personal information are witnessed and signed as part of a verification process. However there may be several instances when travel to a notary's office is not possible. It could be for reasons related to health or distance, or even time. Clients may need the services of a notary public, but may be unable to travel because of health related reasons, or the available notary public may be needed immediately, and is not in the immediate vicinity. As it often stated, where there are problems, there are also opportunities.


Mobile notaries are those who visit the clients and are reminiscent of the days gone by when doctors made house calls. A mobile notary Alaska may typically schedule anywhere from one to eight visits daily to notarize or certify documents, administer oaths, and take affidavits. Although notaries may represent the state, there are no regulations concerning the fees that may be charged and in most case the fees charge by the mobile notary is similar to those of the static notary, except that travel fees may be included.


It is not necessary for the task of finding a notary public to become an arduous and labour-intensive process. However, much of the process involves actually deciding with whom you can entrust valuable and sometimes private information. There are resources available to provide some peace of mind with assisting in background checks on certain notaries.


There are online directories that are ideal for finding notaries. The directories can be searchable and can contain local, regional or statewide information as well as information on notaries throughout the country. Queries in the favored search engine with the keywords mobile notary will return information on the notaries with your region.


Your state may have a limit on the fee and the distance that mobile notary can charge or travel, but remember everything is negotiable, and that includes the fees charged by the notaries. There may sometimes be some miscellaneous charges such as a fee for excessive waiting time, or they may even provide price breaks for a large volume of work. Some notaries may sometimes restrict the distance travelled, but if the service is absolutely necessary, negotiations can include an additional fee for extra travel.


Notaries are usually trustworthy individuals, and since they are commissioned by the state, they are required to perform with a high amount of integrity. Appointment as a notary, is usually for an eight year term, and the jurisdiction is the entire state. Notaries are also prohibited from performing several acts that are designated by the state such as postdating or antedating any document. When dealing with any notary, it is important to know your rights and obligations as a client.


A mobile notary public will actually visit your home or office to notarize a document. There may be limits on the fees charged by the mobile notary public and they are regulated by the state in which you live.


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