I'll accompany him the second time he is online

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It's from a he. He told me about it.. It's not a flims lie. And RuneScape gold he's 88cb now (same like me).. If he was able to make it before it was even lvl88cb this is proof that i could do it in a snap. He'll have me on his journey the next time he connects.. I'd definitely train str to about 75-80. Perhaps my def would go up to 70 by the time I'm done. However, training isn't easy and mainly because i am around 2hrs a day online...

The best way to go is to slaughter 300 chickens every day and put their remains in the ground over 30 years in order for maximum combat, and maximum prayer. I don't want to wait until i'm in my late 40s to start a bandsos. I have a range of 3 to 6 hours of rs time during holidays (except Sundays, when I am granted 2 and half hours online.) But they are not often available because even saturdays can be working day for me.

The past 4 days were holiday days when I received 4 hours, 3hrs, 2.5hrs and 6hrs, respectively. The total was 15 and a half hrs online. I spent the initial day playing just for fun, and powered-trained for the next three days with slayer. I moved from 65 to 70 atk, and from 25 , to 45, slayer.

Did this person's friend mention the combat level at which she was when she made this money? This is the typical answer to all 3... It's a it. He was able to show it to me.. So it's not a lie. He's now 88cb (same with mine).. If he did it before he had even turned lvl88 CB, that proves I can easily achieve it.

I'll accompany him the second time he is online.. I'd likely train my str to 75-80ish. And maybe even my Def to 70 afterwards. However, training isn't easy, mainly cuz i get an average of 2 hours online. My only option is to kill 300 chickens per day and bury their carcasses for 30 years to gain maximum combat capability and maximum prayer. However, I'm not willing to cheap OSRS GP stay waiting until I'm in my mid 40s to start bandos...