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Hello again from obscurity. Normally I wouldn't be interested in a film with a title like this. Still, in this case, it offers an opportunity to explore the psychology of a man who destroyed his political career simply because he couldn't keep his private life to himself. Enjoy the Time by Watching Movies at allmovieshub 300MB The efforts of directors Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg result in an almost unpretentious approach to campaigning for a mayoral candidate in New York and a look at politics that is tense and hilarious (bordering on ridiculous).

The film begins with an excerpt from one of Weiner's explosive speeches

In 2011, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner resigned after seven years in office in the wake of a sex scandal that began (how else?) his lies and attempts to cover up the affair. The film opens with an excerpt from one of Weiner's explosive speeches, in which he supposedly describes his experiences as a congressman and politician. Soon after, his political career seems to be overshadowed by expletive-filled headlines revealing his sexual excesses. Two years later, the disgraced former congressman is running for mayor of New York City.

The infamous former congressman is running for mayor of New York City

We can't be too surprised because we've seen repeatedly that many politicians are addicted to power and public life. This case is interesting for two reasons: first, because Weiner was publicly humiliated, and second, his wife is Huma Abedin, a longtime Hillary Clinton advisor, and staffer. We don't know how this happened, but we are told that Anthony and Huma are still married, that they are parents of a young child (Huma was pregnant when the first scandal broke), and that Huma fully supports Anthony's bid for mayor.

The strongest of the two is the most interesting

When the campaign begins, Weiner will be one of the favorites, which shows that we are very forgiving. Cameras show him in action: calling potential donors, making speeches, negotiating with officials, and drawing crowds to his lively parades. Of course, it's all just a facade. Or at least half of it. When the "Second Friday" scandal erupts and Weiner's internet name "Carlos Danger" hits the headlines, the real disaster begins, and there's no denying it. The strongest Huma is the more interesting of the two personalities at opposite ends of the spectrum when our emotions get.

The strongest of the two is the most interesting

Weiner is a dual personality who alternates between modesty and excessive ambition, while Huma is cool, calm, and (obviously) intelligent. Weiner doesn't yet know his options, and the tension grows as they meet and marry. One can't help but feel that the energy spent on this campaign might be better invested in both individual and couples therapy. His lies show that he hasn't changed, and his occasional moments of reflection and apology distract from his true background, which is much clearer.

The media never misses an opportunity to film a riot

The film strays unnecessarily in a passage where one of Weiner's phone calls is code-named "Pineapple." Too much time is spent on his poor public image, and thankfully it is not overlooked. It's a reminder that the media never misses an opportunity to film a riot, even if it's for manipulative purposes.

Film and irreplaceable attraction

You can't fit TWO train wrecks into one documentary! After watching the film and the irresistible attraction of this man with a huge ego, you will never understand why he is not socially acceptable as a leader. Still, you will understand that there are questions that cannot be answered.

The last question is probably a little more explanatory

Why did Huma stay with her husband? Why did he agree to bring her back into the game...? Did he miss the audience? The director asks Weiner, "Why did you let me film this?" The answer to the last question is perhaps a little more explainable since Anthony Weiner appeared in Sharknado 3. Some people need to be the center of attention.

The subject of a documentary

The laughter, eye-rolling, and sloppy behavior prompted Lawrence O'Donnell to ask Weiner, "What's wrong with you?" I asked myself the same question when the film ended and realized I had been hypnotized the entire time. As for Huma, who has always agreed to be the subject of a documentary, one can only assume that she is very smart to give her work such unfettered access. I suspect her participation in the next Sharknado is equally unlikely.