The jump to 99 overall marks the end of an incredible Madden season for Brady

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The jump to 99 overall marks the end of an incredible Madden season for Brady

The legendary quarterback Tom Brady officially announced his retirement from the NFL in the middle of this month and will be completing an impressive career that has included seven Lombardi awards and five Super Bowl MVPs. Although he was unsuccessful in his quest for the eighth Super Bowl ring, Brady has had a great time of a record and is considered to Madden 22 coins the greatest quarterback ever to play.

In celebration of Tom Brady's retirement and in recognition of his achievements in the game, EA is upgrading his score on Madden 22 to 99 percent game-perfect overall. Brady has been a cover athlete, appearing first in Madden NFL 18 and again on Madden NFL 22 (alongside Patrick Mahomes).

It's the second time in this season that Brady is a member of the highly sought-after 99 Club. Although he started the season with a score of 99 overall, he was temporarily elevated by a hundred in week 4 following breaking his NFL record for the most career-high passing yards in the month of October. The boost only lasted a single week , however, and the team was relegated to 98 a week after.

Even with his departure, Brady showed this year that he has plenty to play with. At 44, he shattered father time by putting together one of the most impressive statistics of his career. Brady was able to throw for 5,316 yards and scored 43 touchdowns. It turns out that it wasn't age that played in Brady's decision to retire It was the desire of his to be able to enjoy more time with his family.

The jump to 99 overall marks the end of an incredible Madden season for Brady and his teammates. Brady began his career with a rating of just 57 back in 2001. The hall-of-famer of the future reached the mark of 99 ratings numerous times throughout his career which included Madden 09, Madden 12 Madden 18, Madden 19, and Madden 22.

As the NFL season coming to an end and the Madden 22 Awards have arrived to recognize the players who played the most during the season.

We've got the details as these revelations continue to surface on every one aspects of the Madden 22 Awards which were announced, buy Madden nfl 22 coins when the other awards will be announced.