When sex dolls meet artificial intelligence, do we still need real people?

the study actually came to adult products In the market, it can be found that the first batch of truly mass-produced and popular "sex dolls" are sweeping.


Sex dolls appear in advanced societies

Google's AI can play chess, Tesla's AI can drive, the iPhone's AI can tell jokes, and the smart refrigerator's AI knows how to cook. Following this logic, it may not be difficult for anyone over 18 to guess that the AI ​​of the sex doll is preparing to have a romantic relationship with you.

When it comes to sex dolls, the first reaction of many people is to sneer. After all, it is not something ordinary people can do to hold a big balloon that feels like a life buoy and squeaks. But walking into a sex store, all kinds of "simulation" goods and vibrators prove that human physiological needs are actually very flexible and have a wide range of exploration space.

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In the past, whenever a new technology came out, the adult industry always took the lead and grabbed the spotlight (VHS video tapes and online audio-visual are the best examples), but with the development of artificial intelligence technology today, it is full of energy and wants to do everything. At the trial stage, the sex product industry will certainly not miss this great opportunity. If it is said that silicone sex dolls make people less interesting, then a silicone beauty like "Cloud Lover", who looks like Scully Johansson and looks like an AV actress, can start to arouse the desire of normal healthy men, and even "replace" "The status of partner, lover, or lover?

Gay, heterosexual... digital love using silicone sex dolls

In a recent survey of academics commissioned by the UK government and the European Parliament, academics predicted that sex partners with artificial intelligence could become the norm within the next 10 years. A 2016 poll by the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany found that 40 percent of the 263 respondents "do not rule out buying teen sex dolls in the next five years."

A study by the University of Manitoba in Canada predicts that in the future, some people may choose to sleep with sex dolls instead of pursuing the opposite sex. "As technology advances and [sex dolls] become more commonplace, many people will declare themselves 'digisexuals' -- a group of people who seek sexual gratification from technological channels," the study actually came to adult products In the market, it can be found that the first batch of truly mass-produced and popular "sex dolls" are sweeping.

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American doll sculptor and inventor Mat McMullen has spent 20 years building Harmony, which claims to be the world's flat chested sex doll with artificial intelligence, and will hit the market in January 2018. Harmony tells jokes, sings poetry, and her purpose, in addition to sex, is to feel company—or so her inventor McMullen claims. 

Similar bed-type sex dolls, as well as Samantha created by Spanish engineer Sergi Santos, claim that users must first "flirt" with her to make her "sexy"; the Ex Doll developed by Chinese companies is able to respond to people, Has a vivid expression and the delicate facial features of an oriental person. At present, these products still have a little experimental nature and the roughness and angularity of the first-generation machine, but the trend of technology and market has already blown, and the old birds in the industry have smelled the change. "We still have the opportunity to perform, but when these products are developed and launched, soon, everyone will have their own mini sex doll at home," Ela Darling, an American AVE actress, is worried about the prospects of the porn industry.