H05S-K Silicon Rubber Cable

H05S-K Silicon Rubber CableH05S-K Silicon Rubber Cable


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Product Certification: VDE
Basic Parameters
Rated Voltag: 300/500V
Rated The Working Temperature: -50℃ - 180℃
Conductor Structure
Conductor Material: Tin-Coated Flexible Conductor or Flexible Bare Copper
Insulation Material: Silicon Rubber

Product Properties
1. High flexibility: the product is very flexible, and is of great elasticity;
2. Great weather resistance: with resistance to ultraviolet rays, aging, high and low temperature;
3. High safety: great electrical insulating performance, and high resistance to high-voltage corona and arc discharge;
4. High mechanical strength.
5. Environmental friendly: poisonless and tasteless, stable chemical properties, meeting the requirements in ROHS, REACH, HF and other standards.

It can be used in 5G base station.