Bee Keeper Business: Fails of the Week (November 2018) | FailArmy

Happy Friday! We have a great batch of fails for you! This week we have an unlucky beekeeper, a scaredy cat, and more!


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People Comments: "Fails of the week" 23 seconds in and I already see 2 fails from literally YEARS ago. The content is starting to fall off. If you need to wait longer to get better videos then do so. We’d rather have quality over quantity! Just giving some constructive criticism. Really starting to see the decline in quality in this channel. Find myself just watching and not laughing like I did before. That guy's voice broke halfway through that laugh. Welcome to puberty son. Water is incompressible. Porcelain cannot flex or expand. The explosion will require space the inside of the toilet doesn't have. You do the math. That last one at the pool...omg I hope he's ok. Geez that made me cringe so hard. In 90% of these clips the person behind the camera makes sounds like they've suffered a fatal would anytime the person they're filming gets hurt...