A brief description of PSO2 New Genesis's gameplay

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Previously on TGS 2020, Sega revealed many new details and gameplay of Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, and a huge update of PSO2 will be released in 2021. We learned in it that players can choose three basic classes in the game: Hunter, Ranger, Force, and the way the game divides between exploration and combat.

I need to remind you here that the PSO2 New Genesis you want to know about was first released in July. New Genesis can be accessed in PSO2 itself, not a separate game. But New Genesis is different from the PSO2 Meseta previous version, whether it is graphics or storyline. All existing PSO2 will be upgraded with the new engine used by New Genesis, and you can freely switch between the original PSO2 block or the New Genesis block.
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The Ranger Class is the usual remote expert. The operation is just like you are in the current PSO2. When you conduct a regular attack, you will regain the PP to activate Photon Arts. But you have to know that if you want to cause the most damage with a normal rifle attack, you need to stay in the Cheap PSO2 Meseta middle. Too close or too far away will not cause too much damage. When you have a blade-like effect on the enemy you are hit, you can see that it is your maximum damage. Players need to pay attention to a special action called "Slide Shot" when playing rifle weapons, which allows you to quickly correct the distance to the enemy. Of course, as in PSO2, you can switch to TPS mode with the target cursor to target specific enemy parts.

In fact, we have military-level remote experts. They used Rod weapons to shoot bullets to recover PP, then spent PP to use Techniques, and the usual Techniques came back. In PSO2 New Genesis, the technology will change whether you charge or not.

We have Foie, which is a shooting technique that causes high damage. If you use Foie as is, it will activate the fireball. If you charge Foie, it will cause an explosion directly on the targeted enemy. Next, we will use the commonly used ice-making technology Barta. During normal shooting, if it hits an enemy, it will make ice crystals appear. When you charge towards Barta, if the enemy has ice crystals, it will cause heavy damage to the enemy.

Please note that they did not introduce traditional lightning Technique Zonde. Just like hunter-level characters who use sword weapons, troop-level characters who use pole weapons can guard at the right time to eliminate enemy attacks. The "troops" in basic PSO2 don't have guard actions like this, which is really a surprising change.

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