How to slim down the face? How to get a more refined face?

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Botulinum toxin is used cosmetically to paralyze the facial muscles. Functionally, this treatment can improve the pain that some people experience in their jaw and also alleviates uncomfortable night grinding.

Many times, we ask ourselves how we can improve our version, we look for different methods, but they do not finish convincing us.
We want to teach you the most demanded techniques today with which you will make your face finer, more harmonious, and, ultimately, improve the shape and have more defined features.

Today we want to tell you about the jawline slimming treatments that we have carried out and with which our patients are delighted. We want to propose the treatment with him that will achieve the results you are looking for, achieving a more refined face.

Botox or botulinum toxin:

Jawline slimming injections are the perfect treatment to refine the face without having to undergo surgery. Quick and painless, thanks to botox we not only manage to attenuate and eliminate wrinkles, but we will also achieve a spectacular result: a slimmer face, marking and styling the cheekbones.

Botox, therefore, favors facial thinning and is being demanded more and more every day due to the speed of the results and, above all, it is a treatment performed without surgery with which we can resume our daily activity after performing it.

Facial or jaw slimming using Botox is achieved through microinjections in the points, indicated by our expert doctor, of the masseter muscle, thus achieving a more angled face and highlighting our cheekbones.

Sometimes this excessive development is caused by bruxism, it develops excessively due to involuntary grinding of the teeth, especially when we sleep.

Facial surgery treatment to achieve a refined face:

To achieve a definitively refined face, we want to talk to you about the bichectomy or extraction of Bichat balls. An outpatient and painless procedure with which you will achieve a defined, harmonious face and more marked cheekbones.

Bichat balls, the extraction of Bichat balls is a technique widely used by those who want to permanently refine their face.

For the muscle to reduce its activity and achieve the desired results, we must carry out several sessions, always following the guidelines of our specialist doctor.

Can you combine Bichat ball removal with other surgeries?

Yes, we can combine Bichat ball removal surgery with other surgeries. The most performed combinations with this technique are rhinoplasty and mentoplasty.

It is an outpatient treatment and the results are observed, especially after the second session.

Since, with the set of these interventions, we achieve a common goal, a balanced and harmonious face.