Simple Guide for NBA 2K21 Beginners 2020

Shooting in NBA 2K21 MT might not be as easy as it used to be, thanks to some control changes made by the game developer


Shooting in NBA 2K21 MT might not be as easy as it used to be, thanks to some control changes made by the game developer, Visual Concepts. But if you’re a newcomer to the NBA 2K franchise, you will need to learn more than just taking a regular shot in 2K21. You will need to know several controls and understand that there are certain times you will want to take a shot and times you don’t want to.

Watch out for space before going for a shoot

Space is much required when you are thinking about going for a shoot. When you have an opponent covering you, going for a shoot would not be a great option. Instead, you can try passing the ball, which can make the opponent team moving on the field and open up some space for you or your teammates to perform a shoot.

If passing doesn’t help, calling a play should

There are alternatives to open up space in NBA 2K21. One is to perform a drive-by pressing left stick along with RT in Xbox One / R2 in PS4. The second is to use the right stick to perform a spin. Lastly, you can also call a play to beat defenders and open up some space. To call a play, simply hit LB/L1 while dribbling and then press the button corresponding to the set play you want to call.

Going to A3 all the time won’t help

A3 gives you 3 points which is something to brag in NBA 2K21, but going for it always is not a great option. Try attempting A3 only when you are confident enough that you can score from there, or else get the ball inside and be happy with the score you get.

NBA 2K21 Dribbling

Use the right moves at the right time

Dribbling is one of the most basic things you need to perform in NBA 2K21. While it is the most basic, it can also mean the difference between being defended and crossing the defenders of the opponent team.

Size-up on your team

Using a signature size-up by holding the RS up can easily get you some points. With size-ups, your players will perform some quick dribbling moves making the defenders come close to them. This can leave space to pass the ball to your teammate or rim the ball through the defenders and score.


Timing is Important

Practice this as much as you can in the Practice mode as timing is the most important factor in effective passing. And passing is the best option to keep the game in your control when opposite team is pushing. It will also be very effective when you are pushing and opposite team’s defenders are at you.

Pump Fakes

One of the most underrated features in the NBA games is the Pump fake. This will put your opponent in a risky position as well as give you time to reposition. Use it by pressing square whenever you can.

NBA 2K21 Defense

NBA 2K21 has three different types of defense techniques that can be used. These defense techniques are normal defense, off-ball defense, and advanced defense.

Read your opponent carefully

You will have to closely monitor your opponents’ moves. Just like yourself, opponents will also try to fake passes and pump fake, you need to read them to be able to defend. Knowing your opponent’s next move can come in handy to win the game.

Keep practicing

The defense can be very tricky in NBA 2K21. You might not even be able to notice what just went wrong in defending. But as truly said that practice makes a man perfect, you should keep on trying various defensive moves and master them eventually.

Offense Tips

Pick and Roll

Pick and roll is a very useful move and people don’t take full advantage of it most of the time. Where a simple pass and shoot fail, pick and roll will save the day. Press and hold L1 to start and then press R1 to roll.

That’s all for the NBA 2K21 beginner’s guide. This should get you started in the game and the rest is on how well you adapt to the gameplay. If you want to win, you don’t need to spend too much time in the game. In the promotion on Igvault, No matter which device you play NBA 2K21, we can provide usable 2K21 MT based on satisfying-full inventory, Buy cheap NBA 2K21 MT, click