Thermage treatment and its benefits at ai-beauty

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Ai Beauty Clinic is one of the first aesthetic clinics in Europe to introduce the latest version of the 5th generation Thermage FLX treatment.

After presenting an adult age, it is impossible for conditions such as wrinkles, sagging and loss of luminosity not to occur, which is why people who take care of their aesthetics begin the search for the best treatments to reduce them, and what better if it is not going to surgery. One of the best solutions is to go for radiofrequency treatments, also known as Thermage.

Its function:

Thermage flx London technique works mainly with the first layers of the skin, those that are located 4 mm deep. Its function is to improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, and stretching of the skin tissue. Due to the way it acts and that in turn also provides excellent benefits to collagen and elastin, it is possible to treat flaccidity, as well as reduce its effects.

Undoubtedly, comfortable treatment with extensive benefits, for example, firmness of the skin, improvement in tone, collagen production, that is, it allows renewal.

On the other hand, do not worry about suffering side effects due to the treatment, since it also works with a simultaneous cooling system, which in turn protects the skin. Likewise, the Thermage London treatment is considered one of the safest and most effective techniques, especially to give good results to the skin: luminosity and smoothness.

What does it consist of?

The session for the treatment of Thermage London lasts one hour, but it is modified depending on the area to be treated. According to the body area to be treated, the doctor applies vibrations that send electromagnetic impulses.

To know the number of vibrations, the doctor performs an assessment of his patient, from which impedaciometric information is obtained. This is where modifying the caliber of the equipment starts, as long as the optimal depth is reached so that the desired effects are achieved, as we must remember that collagen and elastin are worked on.


Like any treatment, Thermage flx requires general precautions, taking into account pregnancy and pathologies, but among the advantages that we can find are:

- That it is a treatment for the face as well as for the neck and any other body part where sagging occurs.
- The results begin to be visible from the first session, mainly in the appearance of the skin.
- It happens that during the session the patient may present some discomfort, but when it ends no effect is appreciated.
- Compared to other treatments, one session a year will be enough and the seasons of the year do not influence its performance.
- Radiofrequency can be combined with other treatments that act in favor of improving the skin.

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