PSO2 allows you to change the server using the shipping transfer function

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Starting from July 8th, players can already use the new shipping transfer function to replace servers in Phantasy Star Online 2 during the planned maintenance period. But unlike most MMOs, PSO2 players do not call them "servers", but subdivide them as "ships". This wonderful statement has special meaning. Because the idea is to allow players to fly around the planet and perform missions on different ARKS ships.

Since the release of Phantasy Star Online 2, it has been impossible to transfer to another ship, but thankfully, this restriction is coming to an end. The PSO2 Meseta maintenance period has already ended on July 8, and this feature is already available. But it should be noted that it is not free.

As we all know, PSO2 is a free game, but it has a very healthy micro-transaction store full of optional items, and the new Ship Transfer feature belongs to this category. If players want to use it, they must spend 700 AC to transfer money, but this is not a lot of money in the real world, and only a few dollars, and you can earn honestly through in-game methods as needed.

Ship transfer will not transfer your entire account, nor will it transfer all your items and account information, but only data related to that specific role. These include your Meseta, weapon palette settings, your pets, weapons, etc. So this is not a complete account transfer.

To be eligible, you need: enough AC in your account. Make sure that the role you choose is not banned or restricted at all. If you are the captain of the alliance, please leave a character on the original ship. Make sure your role is not the moderator of the group chat.

If you are eligible, you can select "Ship transfer application during planned maintenance" under the "Procedures" section to start the Cheap PSO2 Meseta transfer process on the role selection screen during planned maintenance. The transfer will proceed in the order received, so if you miss the current deadline, it will be executed next time. Before the maintenance ends, you can change your mind and then cancel the operation as needed.

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