How to choose the ideal BRAIDS WIG that suits you best?

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Our work of art is 100% purely handmade braided by many of us. We hand craft different braided hairstyles you see on the human head, right on a full lace braided wig.

You have finally found the ideal BRAIDS WIG that suits you like a glove. It looks great with your skin tone and is comfortable for you. From now on, the only thing left for you to do is feel it as yours. An expert explains, “it is an important stage of the process. It is up to the specialist who sells the Bantu knot wigs to help the client to accept her new hair as well as possible, which means learning to adjust the support well so that the wig does not fall or is too tight, and, on certain occasions, cutting some strands so that the cut is even.

Therefore, it is preferable that you take your time on the last visit so that you make your ideal wig something unique, and so that, when you put it on, you really feel like yourself.

You shall not brush the wig:

Be careful, a KNOTLESS BRAID WIG is practical and can pass for real hair, but to keep it in good condition, you have to adopt new habits. According to the expert, “whether natural or synthetic hair, it is preferable not to comb it, because it deteriorates the elasticity and shape of the wig. It is better to untangle it with your fingers, without pulling, so that the fibers are not damaged.

You will wash the wig:

You have to wash the Hat braid wig every fifteen days or once a month, depending on how often you wear it and how much you expose it to external odors. Regarding the shampoo, it is necessary to use suitable products so as not to damage the fiber of the wig.

The ideal is to put the FRONTAL BRAIDS in water with a little shampoo for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it. For optimal results, you can also use the equivalent of a conditioner, which will add softness and shine to the hair. For application, the principle is the same as with the shampoo, but rinsing is not necessary.

You will let the wig dry:

Drying the Big knotless braids with beads is a very delicate stage. If it is a synthetic wig, never use a hairdryer, because they do not withstand exposure to a heat source. Air drying is preferable. Also, avoid combing your hair when it's wet. When it is dry, untangle it and it will recover its shape. Regarding natural hair, despite what it may seem, you should also wait for it to dry to comb it. Blow-drying is essential to recover body and shape.