Braided Wigs: the best tips to choose the perfect wig for you

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Our work of art is 100% purely handmade braided by many of us. We hand craft different braided hairstyles you see on the human head, right on a full lace braided wig.

You may find yourself at a time when you need wigs for black women, either to change your look or due to a problem with alopecia. Do not be afraid, you are in the right place, here at, we want to help you choose the best Bantu knot wigs for you by following these tips.

It is not the same to choose a wig if what you want is to change your look, there are no rules to follow, everything is allowed. But if what you need is a wig due to a hair loss problem, you do need to take a number of things into account. We help you to choose the best one and we tell you how to take care of it so that it is always perfect.

How to choose the perfect wig?

The first step is to take your time, don't rush everything. What's more, if you can choose the Braid wig when the hair starts to fall out, everything will be easier. In our wig stores, you will be able to choose the cut and color thanks to the help of our specialists who will advise you. They will take into account your tastes and you will achieve the wig with which you have the most natural appearance.

Within our wig catalog, you can find natural hair wigs and also synthetic fiber wigs. In the latter there has been a lot of progress, they have more and more options of cuts and colors, they are also lighter.

In the case of synthetic wigs, they cost less to maintain and are cheaper, but on the other hand, they do not offer as many options as natural hair wigs, which are more resistant and you can modify their color and cut. In this way, you can enjoy various looks even though you wear wigs.

The most important thing of all is that with the FRONTAL BRAIDS you choose you feel good and beautiful. Appearance is important, but even more important is comfort, which is why you have to choose a wig with the inner support that best suits you.

You can opt for SHORT BRAIDED WIGS with a tulle cap and handmade monofilament, without a doubt it is the best and also the most expensive. Then we find a cap made by hand, it is the option that best combines comfort and price. And finally, the mesh cap is the cheapest and the least natural.