Should I only take vitamins and natural health practice fertility support to get pregnant?

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Not only the woman is the one who should seek to consume vitamins and natural health practice fertility support that help her promote the conception of a baby. The man must also acquire them by feeding him to help him increase and keep his sperm alive, which facilitates the conception process.

Vitamins A, B12, C, and E increase sperm count and thus the chances of conceiving. Other nutrients that play an important role in this are selenium or zinc, which additionally increases the level of testosterone.

During week 21 of pregnancy, it is important to look for food supplements rich in vitamins and minerals.

Likewise, antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, and E protect the cells of the male reproductive system from premature aging processes that may be caused by the presence of free radicals.

Other minerals and fertility support such as iodine, which we find in seafood, iron, and calcium or vitamin C favor the mobility of sperm and prevent them from agglutinating. In this way, fertility is increased.

Diet influences fertility:

Food influences all the processes of our body and that includes fertility, both in men and women. For this reason, eating a healthy diet is of the utmost importance to stay healthy, especially when it comes to conceiving.

Finally, in addition to knowing what vitamins you should take to get pregnant and what foods you can find them in, you should also reduce stress levels and avoid harmful habits such as tobacco. In that sense, drugs and alcohol greatly affect conception.

Finally, schedule a visit to the doctor:

Once you have decided to get pregnant, a medical check-up will help you incorporate self-care in the reproductive sphere. And it will guide you in the idea that pregnancy requires biopsychosocial preparation.

The consultation will allow detecting and evaluating biological and social conditions, habits, and lifestyles, in you and your partner. This will help identify any playback issues. This consultation should be planned at least one year before the desired conception.

A list of pre-existing physical conditions, hereditary or genetic history, nutritional and physical habits is required. Also, the consumption of medications and the ruling out of sexually transmitted diseases, among other important conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney or thyroid disease.

Other diseases that must be analyzed following are anemia, epilepsy, tuberculosis, asthma, arthritis, lupus, and finally, morbid obesity. You can check to get all details of fertility support for her.