NBA 2K21 introduces exciting new updates, including Kobe Bryant tribute

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With the latest "court report", NBA 2K21 is about to be released. So far, this may be the best news for fans of the next generation of games. So far, all reports are only about gameplay, but the latest report covers the long-awaited MyPLAYER function. The new badge, NBA 2K21 MT, seems to be a promising report.

The report said: "Many favorites have returned, but most have undergone some major functional changes. There are also some new, some rejuvenated, and some removed."

There are many badges on NBA 2K20. These badges are either completely useless or sound great, but have never worked like Revived Posterizer – For brutal contact dunks, Clutch Defender – Improved the defensive rating of clutch and Anti-Freeze – make It's harder to get cold.

Some badges were removed after being deemed useless, while others were improved and replaced. Quick draw, stable shooting and forged passes are some of the badges that have been removed from the game.

Previously, NBA 2K20 had only made eight acquisitions in this game. This number has tripled and now we have made 24 new acquisitions for NBA 2K21.

The report said: "We did not limit players to Buy NBA 2K21 MT, but subdivided these eight into 24 more specific takeover capabilities."

Some of these new features include Easy Blowbys (as the name suggests, can help swingers surpass defenders), Team Badge Boost (team badges) (can improve the badge level for teammates) and See the Future (show missed shots) At last.