What are the main methods and techniques of industrial engraving that exist today?

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Among the most used industrial engraving methods is the one that includes the use of templates, CNC engraving machines, laser, micro-percussion, scratching, among others:

1. Industrial engraving with templates:

It is a widely used method that makes use of various chemical compounds to create images and letters. It consists of a process of immersion of the piece in the chemical compound that will vary according to the type of material, making use of the template to mark the data that is required.

Some parts of the piece will be covered so that the chemical compound acts on the exposed parts.

2. CNC industrial engraving:

It is a numerically controlled control panel engraved, which makes use of CNC machines to control the process from a computer. It offers fast and high-quality results that facilitate the use for cases of mass production, reducing the need and cost of labor.

3. Industrial laser engraving:

It is a very useful industrial engraving method for large-scale cases, increasingly used in different industries. Laser marking machines can make engravings on the largest number of materials, for example, glass, ceramics, metal, etc.

It consists of a chemical process that uses marking material to be fused on a certain surface with the laser. It allows to personalize the engraving by adding color, and permanent and excellent quality results are obtained.

There is nanosecond laser wood engraving, which allows greater quality and flexibility for engraving molds and inserts on all types of surfaces. There is also the more detailed laser engraving, which is very useful for very small and complex jobs that need greater precision.

In addition to allowing the brand logo to be added, another benefit of laser engraving is the fact that it offers the possibility of marking and controlling security-related actions to distinguish articles from counterfeits or imitations.

The process for industrial laser engraving is very fast, allowing marking on practically all types of metal and technical plastics.

Its contribution and benefits for security identification processes are very suitable for the control and verification of sensitive documents, credit cards, identification cards, among others.

About identification cards, the method with multi-layer formats allows the color of the lower layer to be adjusted without altering the transparent external surface, guaranteeing its excellence in the image, in addition, it cannot be altered and allows the product to be personalized.

Thanks to the numerous advantages and excellent quality, many industries incorporate it into their processes, such as the automotive sector, government agencies, banking, industries related to robotics and 3D printing, security, aeronautics, steel, etc.

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