NBA 2K21's next-generation renderer has 2 obvious problems

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The rendering of the next-generation NBA 2K21 looks good, but I am not as impressed by them as I hoped.

Forgive me if I am obsessed with the NBA 2K21 MT that I experienced personally in the 2013 NBA 2K14 opener in San Francisco. 2K held a private event and I was fortunate enough to participate in this event, where they unveiled the iconic trailer, featuring Phil Collins's "Tonight in the Air" as the musical background. It is the most impressive visual enhancement I have seen in decades of craze for video games.

My problem is mainly related to player rendering, these anomalies can be reduced to two areas. First, the shade and skin tone. Some players look too dark, or the color itself is a bit soft.

Lillard's shadow may be too dark, and LeBron's image looks like grayish brown. There may be some kind of passive filter in the screenshot, because it is to show the rated value, but some of it does not resonate with me. I admit that in order to achieve the desired effect, all video clips released in 2K must be watched in 4K, so when I hold the game in my hand and place it on the monitor, I will retain the final shooting intent. However, I tend to think that the skin tone of some players is a bit biased.

The second problem has nothing to do with the monitor or filter, but it may be related to the pandemic. The player's body seems to be no different from the current version of NBA 2K21. In some cases, it may even be downgraded.

The LeBron rendering function above seems to be a less muscled version of The King, and in the preview I saw that the body types of other players do not seem to have been upgraded yet. I hope to see players completely reinvented from head to toe, but this is not what we can get.

This may well be the intention of 2K, but this pandemic may put the program in trouble because it restricts developers' access to NBA players for scanning. This is something that has not been communicated, which is understandable, because it may lead people to think that 2K cannot meet all the needs of players Buy NBA 2K21 MT, so it will not be as good as expected.