What are the benefits of vape?

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After the invention of e-cigarettes, more and more people are being drawn to the device's potential benefits and the experiences they've had with it. The result of this is the emergence of a market in absurd expansion, full of hundreds of customizable options and models of the most varied types.

Discover the benefits of Vape:

When someone wants to understand what Vaping is, it is common for one of the first questions to be exactly about the benefits of vaping. On the part of beginners, there is a certain fear that Vape is the same as a conventional cigarette.

Already more veterans seek to understand how, in the long term, the use of vape can impact their lifestyle.

Well, we have gathered the main benefits and advantages of Vape for you, check it out:

- It is 95% healthier than conventional cigarettes: That's what a study by the British Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England or PHE, which conducted a study on e-cigarettes, found. The main reason for this is the lack of combustion.

- There is a huge variety of flavors: The juices are very varied, catering to all tastes. It is one of the reasons that attract many beginners, as the sensation of vaporizing certain aromas can be very pleasant.

- It's extremely affordable: Nowadays, you can find good vaping products in specialty stores.

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E-cigarette vs regular cigarette: check out the differences:

The main difference from Vape to electronic cigarettes or e-cig is that there is no burning/combustion of the chemical components.
In this way, the vaper does not absorb all those toxic elements present in the smoke, nor does it harm those around it.

However, there are other benefits of the e-cig about the common cigarette, take a look:

- Does not slow down the vaper's breath.
- Does not darken vaper teeth.
- It does not affect the vaper's sense of smell and taste.
- Does not cause odors and bad smells in the vaper.
- It does not age the skin prematurely.

There are still not enough studies that precisely prove the harm caused by the Pod, but there are several reports of former smokers who claim to have gained a new life after replacing the cigarette with the Pod.

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