A first look at the new ISO Certification in Saudi Arabia

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When I detected the news that the Orcus (draft) version of ISO Certification in Saudi Arabia is obtainable, I used to be impatient to scan it. in comparison to the recent ISO Certification from 2005, the changes are not too forceful – here area unit the most variations I found:

The structure

As expected, the new ISO in Saudi Arabia is compliant with Annex FTO of ISO/IEC Directives, to be aligned with all the opposite management standards – this can be already evident in ISO Registration in Saudi Arabia, the new business continuity management normal. So, here area unit the most clauses that you simply can see all told the management standards:


  1. Scope
  2. Normative references
  3. Terms and definitions
  4. Context of the organization
  5. Leadership
  6. Planning
  7. Support
  8. Operation
  9. Performance analysis
  10. Improvement


ISO Services in Saudi Arabia Naturally, Annex A continues to be here within the new ISO Certification in the Dubai – this can be wherever all the controls area unit listed (click here to check new controls). The quite useless Annex B from the recent normal is gone, whereas there's no want for Annex C any longer.

Interested parties

ISO Consultants in Saudi Arabia the massive importance of interested parties, which may embody shareholders, authorities (including legal and restrictive requirements), clients, partners, etc., are recognized within the new ISO in the Saudi – there's a separate clause that specifies that everyone the interested parties should be listed, alongside all their necessities. this can be positively a superb method of process key inputs into the ISMS.

Documented data

The ideas of “documents” and “records” area unit incorporate together; therefore, currently, it's “documented data.” Consequently, all the principles that area unit needed for documentation management area unit currently valid for each document and record; the principles themselves haven’t modified abundant from the recent ISO Consultants in Dubai. The requirement within the recent normal for documented procedures (Document management, Internal Audit, Corrective action, Preventive action) is gone – but, the necessity for documenting the output from those processes remains within the new normal. Therefore, you don’t have to be compelled to write those procedures, however, you would like to take care of all the records once managing documents, playacting internal audits, and capital punishment corrective actions. Also, the clause from the recent normal wherever all the specified documents area unit listed (4.3.1) is gone – there's no central list of needed documents.

Risk assessment and treatment

Assets, vulnerabilities, and threats don't seem to be the idea of risk assessment anymore! it's solely needed to spot the risks related to the confidentiality, integrity, and handiness – though this might sound too radical of an amendment, the authors of the new normal needed to permit a lot of freedom within the method the risks area unit identified; but, I assume that the assets-vulnerabilities-threats methodology can stay as a best apply for an extended time.


The thought of determining the extent of risk supported consequences and probability remains similar. The thought of quality owner is gone – a replacement term is used: “risk owners” – that the responsibility is pushed to a better level.

Objectives, observance, and measure

ISO Services in Dubai an enormous amendment here: these don't seem to be mentioned inside other necessities, however currently their area unit separate clauses with terribly concrete rules. the principles area unit that you simply have to be compelled to set clear objectives, you would like to outline Who can live them and once, and you would like to outline Who ought to analyze and evaluate those results. Further, comprehensive plans have to be compelled to be developed that may describe however the objectives are going to be achieved. This is positively one thing that may bring ISMS nearer to alternative management processes in an exceeding company. Hopefully, it'll push data security onto the management agenda as a result of – once you have got clear figures on however your security performs – you can't flip your head far away from it.


What will this mean for the implementation?

I must admit I prefer these changes – not solely can the new ISO Services in Saudi Arabia be easier to integrate with alternative management standards like ISO 9001, ISO 22301, ISO 20000 et al, however, it conjointly permits a lot of freedom for firms (especially smaller ones) to scale the ISMS to their real wants and thereby avoid spare overhead. however, this might conjointly prove to be the best weakness of this new normal – due to its loose definitions, some firms might attempt to target satisfying the minimum rather than that specialize in increasing security. In alternative words, firms that mean well and need to extend their level of security can realize it easier to go with this standard; but, the businesses that not therefore positive and area unit trying to find loopholes to implement it just for the sake of certification can see this normal as a chance.


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