Elden Ring: How to get it in Waypoint Ruins

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It's no surprise you know that Elden Ring is challenging, but this fan was able to Elden Ring Runes slash one of its most notorious bosses with a control made from bananas.

Superlouis64, the very same creator of content who beat numerous bosses with a Switch Ring Fit controller, went one step further with a fight against Godrick the Grafted with 10 bananas. With some peculiarly-specific technological know-how, he connected the bananas to make a controller. YouTubers have creative ideas like this during his "Controller Bending" video series.

Instead of focusing on this monster's abilities solely in the form of poor guards, Superlouis64 decides to take the fight to Godrick. Incredibly, he dusts Godrick's boss in minutes in a row. Check out these amazing works and then resent yourself for it below.

There's also extra footage showing Superlouis64 engaging in Elden Ring with the banana controller here. The way he came up with this incredible device I'm not sure. It's difficult to imagine anyone else could top this one by sheer ridiculousness. What's next? Is someone defeating Radahn by using an air fryer? (please, the masochists out there should consider this)Elden Ring's famously challenging game has prompted all kinds of Elden Ring Runes for sale crazy antics from fans. This week, two speedrunners completed the game in under an hour.