7 mistakes to avoid while doing your website SEO

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SEO is important for all businesses, but a lot can go wrong if you are not experienced.

7 mistakes to avoid while doing your website


SEO is important for all businesses, but a lot can go wrong if you are not experienced. Below are the following 7 mistakes that most the SEOs usually do:


1. Wrong keywords

One of the biggest mistakes made by website owners is to choose the wrong keywords. So, before creating content it is essential to do a lot of keyword research. It is important to use long-tail keywords instead of using broad one-word keywords. Therefore always focus on one or two keywords throughout your text.

2. Duplicate Content

Content is very important for your website. The objective of search engines is to display the best sites for the audiences who are searching for particular information. So, your content is relevant to your site and includes not only text but also images, videos, links, etc. Therefore don’t try to copy someone’s content so that you can show your own creativity in a unique way. So, your content should be original, which helps to drive SEO results

3. Not using Social media

If you are not using social media then this can be a big mistake. As social media provides backlinks to your site. It also helps to increase traffic to your site which is a vital factor in SEO. Social media also helps in higher rankings in search engines.

4. Not updating the website

It is very important to keep your website updated consistently. Updated content also contains more keywords. Your website is the face of your business and brand in the online world. Consumers who are pleased with what they see are likely to turn out to be paying customers as more traffic means more conversion.

5. The website isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

Usually, website holders or owners make the mistake of only optimizing the website for desktop and don’t remember to optimize for mobile. Therefore you should make sure that your website must be mobile-friendly.

6. Lack of audience research

Research is the most essential aspect of any successful marketing campaign. You need to know who your targeted audience is as a lack of audience research leads to a lack of effective optimization so it is very essential to mention the specific target audience that the services and products are aimed at.

7. Large images on media

If good images and video content are too large and are not optimized then they can increase your page load speed. So, the slower the website loads then the more traffic abandons the site.

So these were the 7 SEO mistakes that have been discussed.

Therefore to avoid these mistakes it is good to work with an SEO agency to avoid these mistakes because SEO companies help your website earn more qualified traffic search engines. They know you and your business.