Never Again to Aquino and Dilawan or Pink

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Philippines was Destroyed by Aquino Administrations

I had the privilege to work with history professors when I was teaching in the University. During our vacant periods they would talk about the untold stories of the past not written in the history books. From the love life of Jose Rizal to the untold stories of Martial Law , the story behind Hacienda Luisita which started during KKK and other surprising stories I have never heard in school. All these things I am hearing for the first time given that I am not a history major, seemed so foreign yet made a lot of sense. They told me that there is so much more to the history we know about. True enough! With research backed by reliable sources made available to this day, we have been given an opportunity to correct history, not change, correct. Though it is disheartening to know that even our history has been tweaked for the personal gain of a few people, even with facts, our choice to believe is an individual decision. I RESPECT THAT.

I have no doubt that Leni is a good person, more so a good mother. As a woman, I celebrate her as an empowered woman! But to be honest, I do not see her fit to be the next President of the Philippines. We do not need gentle parenting! It doesn't work with my toddlers how much more with millions of Filipinos? We need someone strong, firm, decisive and cannot be swayed like PRRD. If it was Miriam Santiago, it will be a different story.

The fact that they changed their color to pink from yellow only means that they know that the Filipino people have learned our lesson and do not trust them anymore. But people behind her, are exactly the same people behind Cory, behind Noynoy and people against Duterte. The fact that she is backed by the rich businessmen who are itching to be back in business because surprisingly they have been unbelievably cut off by someone who they never expected, PRRD. Do you really think that these oligarchs will support her for free? ? They need someone who they can push around to do things their way for their personal gains. In simpler terms, a puppet. I think, Leni doesn't deserve that either.

The fact that she is backed up by the actors to bring back ABS-CBN. The fact that she is the Media's bias. The fact that she calls the Marcoses "magnanakaw" yet wholeheartedly endorses Binay and Delima.

The fact that she is the VP yet she is anti government because she doesn't like PRRD and publicly declares she doesn't support him because they are "kontra-partido". I was hoping they would set aside differences because the govt is for the people. Sadly, No!

The fact that she declared the reason why she is running for presidency is because she doesn't want the Marcoses to be back. Running for position with so much hate yet markets herself as a gentle, loving, kind.. Isn't it ironic?

The fact that they have the same narrative with the late Cory Aquino. The Aquinos who for the longest time we have put on the pedestal and sensationalized the loss of their main man and made it a point that we owe our freedom to them. Yeah right, Kris! (Source: Kris' IG POST, Nov 27, 2017)

The fact that kakampinks (not in general) are very aggressive, instigating hate, sparking anger, proudly manipulating people to change their minds making 7-11 an unhappy place, putting people down, degrading those who choose to vote somebody else, choosing to break relationships and fighting over who is so much smarter and better. It is just LAME!

Whoever you are fighting for whether Leni or BBM, Pacman, Ping, Isko, there is no need to be hostile because after all this? These people will never give you the time of the day, they will never know you fought for them, they will never appreciate you blocking a friend. They will never send you a hearty message when things get hard or ask for your gcash number in time of your financial crises. They will never be interested about your favorite color and they will never care about you, the kind of one sided relationship not worth fighting for. So reevaluate yourself because if your candidate is not making you a better person and instilling so much anger in your heart, then you picked the wrong one.

I will be personally voting for someone who will continue PRRD platforms and projects because I believe in him and I have seen the CHANGE we have all been missing the past administrations and I have never felt this safe as a citizen of this country. It is my personal choice.

I have been a silent reader amidst the political chaos because I firmly believe that each individual is entitled to their right to choose and right to vote the candidate who they deem the most capable whether it may be because of first hand experience, extensive research or even pure instinct - and I respect that! Personal choices should be RESPECTED and NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE, QUESTION OR MANIPULATE THAT PERSONAL DECISION.

Sadly, since the negative campaigning started, social media has never been this TOXIC and politics has never been this gruesome! ? The personal attacks are way out of hand and triggered so much hate and anger. It has brought about so much issues and trauma that we have been trying to address and once and for all put a stop to generational trauma and break the cycle. THIS HAS TO STOP!

We are lucky we are not at war like Russia and Ukraine but with what we are doing, we are at war with every Filipino who do not share the same ideals with us.

We have celebrated our independence as a country from foreign colonizers many years ago but sadly we continue to allow the same Filipino people to colonize us.

A good friend of mine who is also a historian once said "History doesn't repeat itself, people repeat history!" -E. Guillermo
Let us be smarter this time.

Respect is key. I am not here to force you or manipulate you. This is me. This is my personal choice. And if by chance you are triggered or disappointed, I apologize, feel free to block me but if you dare message me directly and fight me, whoever you are, I WILL BLOCK YOU! not because I hate you but because my MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS MORE THAN WHAT YOU THINK.

God Bless the Philippines!❤️?

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